Lipo-6X from Nutrex

Fat burning complex Lipo-6X manufactured by the company Nutrex, one of the most popular among the analogues of sports nutrition. Additive was widespread due to its high efficiency and large number of positive reviews from athletes, and from experts. The complex produces one of the leading not only in America but in the world of companies Now. Five consecutive years of the sports nutrition was recognized as the best fat burner of the year.

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Lipo-6X ensures a lasting effect. Fat starts to be burned immediately after use capsules. The effect persists over the next three to four hours.

The drug has the following effects:

  • stimulates fat burning processes.
  • suppresses hunger;
  • gives a powerful energy charge.

This combined effect is achieved due to universal composition.


Portion of sports nutrition составляет2 capsules. They give the athlete:

  • synephrine 20 mg;
  • yohimbine — 3 mg;
  • caffeine anhydrous — 200 mg;
  • matrix stimulation of the thyroid gland;
  • the system of quick transportation.

In the composition of the fat burning complex of the present food dyes. If you follow the recommended dosage and frequency of administration, any side effects.

How to take Lipo-6X

Specialists American manufacturer Nutrex suggest to consume a couple of capsules a day. Stick to this dosage for two days and on the third rate increase to three pills. On the fifth day, you can take 4 capsules. If drug use, first test the reaction of your organism on the components component. Next, start taking a Supplement at the manufacturer’s recommended dosages 2, 3 or 4.

The drug is taken on an empty stomach. Before meals must stay at least half an hour. Sports nutrition brand Cellucor advises to drink fat burner a course lasting two months. Next, you should take a break for at least two weeks. Experienced athletes recommend to renew the course in one or even two months. This allows you to avoid exhaustion of the nervous system.

Reception of sports nutrition should be held isolated from other fat burners. Should refrain from any food containing caffeine. To increase drying efficiency you should additionally take L-carnitine. This Supplement, unlike described, goes well with any fat-burning complex.

Side effects

Supplement with fat-burning effect contains only safe to the human body components. They are in normal dosage does not cause any negative effects. Stimulants such as caffeine, yohimbine, sweat can bring the nervous system in the excited state, provoking pressure surges, headaches, digestive problems. When such side effects occur, reduce dosage.


Lipo-6X is a single of the most efficient burners in the drying period according to a large number of professional athletes and experts. Its main advantage is a longer lasting effect. On forums and reviews in the online stores of bodybuilders leave feedback of a positive nature. Most gain Supplement will not be satisfied with a stable action. If you believe the reviews, for a two-month course can lose up to 6 pounds. The additional intake of omega-3 amplifies this effect. To achieve a similar result with other fat burners is possible only with a sound diet and regular exercise.

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