Leg amputated below the knee – on the situation with Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler

The legendary bodybuilder Flex Wheeler was recently urgently hospitalized with complications of the vascular system of the lower extremities, and during the operation, doctors removed part of his right leg. His fellow bodybuilder, Shawn Ray, revealed the details of this surgery in an interview with RxMuscle. According to him, amputation occurred below the knee on the right leg and this was not a surprise for Wheeler. The athlete has long suffered from the problem of legs and blood vessels in particular, and over the past three years, Flex spent in hospitals for about six months and was even in a coma. He also has one kidney removed. All this negatively affected the health of the athlete. As an additional burden, this amputation could provoke and his return to competitive bodybuilding at a special invitation to the Mr. Olympia 2017 show.

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