Lee Priest, 48, does strict curls with a barbell over 100 kg

Lee Priest Lee Priest 221 lb
Nick's Strength and Power, which has almost a million subscribers on the YouTube video portal, has posted a video in which 48-year-old legendary bodybuilder Lee Priest does a strict biceps curl with a barbell weighing 221 lbs (100,244 kg). Lee performed this exercise in a rather technical manner, with his back pressed against the counter, with a set of 2 blue 20 kg pancakes and 2 red 25 kg pancakes on the bar, the bar itself weighs 10 plus locks. The total is 221 pounds, which is not far from the absolute world record in strict biceps curls. The world record of 249 pounds was set by former Ukrainian Denis Cyplenkov back in 2016. Priest is known as one of the best hands in iron sport history and his muscular development has put him in the top of every competition in which he competed. And even now, when he is almost 50 years old, he still motivates a large number of people to sign up for sports clubs and play sports. The very curl of the barbell for biceps from Lee can be seen in the video below this news (approx. Ironflex.com.ua).
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