Keon Pearson leaves Olympia 2020

Keone pearson
Keone Pearson has officially announced that he will not compete in Mr. Olympia 2020 and plans to return to her scene next year. An athlete from the classic physicist division is working on his transition to the 212 lb category. A recent update on his progress shows that he looks confident in his attempts to take this step, even if enough time has passed. When Pearson announced that he was going into lightweight bodybuilding up to 96 kg (more on this at, it was a big surprise for his fans and experts in the world of iron sports. Pearson showed great promise as a participant in the Classic Physique category, even entered the TOP 4 in his debut at Olympia last year. Nevertheless, he announced that he would jump into the new weight category. Since then, Keon has been working diligently in the sports club to add volumes to all the right places. He recently posted photos on his Instagram page, showing updated information on what his physique looks like at the current stage, weighing 213 pounds (~ 97 kg). “213 pounds, double back biceps.” For people who ask when I will go on the show, this is not earlier than 2021. " Obviously, Pearson still needs to do a lot before he is ready to go on stage as a bodybuilder of the 212 lb division. Unfortunately, this means that he will be sitting in the auditorium at Olympia 2020 in December this year. However, the progress he has made cannot be denied.
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