Keon Pearson Changes Competition Plans

Keone pearson
American Keone Pearson is one of those professional bodybuilders who decided to make the transition between the weight divisions after last season. Specifically, Pearson, who is the fourth best competitor in Classic Physique at Olympia 2019, chose the 212 lb (96.2 kg) category. Although this athlete, with a height of about 165 cm, in June still planned to move to a new discipline no earlier than 2021 (as reported by, a few days ago he reconsidered this intention. Unless something unexpected happens, iron sports fans will see this promising 212 lb bodybuilder for the first time on October 10 at the Boston Pro 2020 in Boston. In what form Keon was about ten weeks before the competition, see the following photos with a weight of about 94 kg.
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