Kai Greene received a special invitation to the Mr. Olympia 2019

Today there is no news more important than a brief announcement by the Manager of Mr. show. Olympia by Dan Solomon (Dan Solomon) about updating a special invitation (SPECIAL INVITE) to participate in this tournament without qualify for a famous athlete Charlie Greene (Kai Greene). He said this during a video interview with Dave Palombo (Dave Polumbo) from RxMuscle and then several times repeated, that the offer is on the table, “Predator” and the ball in their half. Of course, the simple answer from the grin will not be for a long time, as this athlete is known for his stealth. But, as mentioned in September last year, the forthcoming Olympia is the best chance for Kai to take the title in the absence of competition, the ousted Phil Heath. And the current Mr Olympia Shawn Rhoden green and he won many competitions for several years. “Predator” does not comment on the situation, only puts old photos on their social media pages.
Also during the interview, it was stated that the Ambassador of Olympia Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson replaced the 45-year-old popular bodybuilder Jay Cutler that Jay himself has confirmed on his page on Instagram.

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