Kai Greene is obliged to qualify – Bob Cicherillo

Contrary to recent statements by Dan Solomon (Dan Solomon) about SPECIAL INVITE to Mr. 2019 Olympia without passing a qualification for the famous bodybuilder Charlie Greene (Kai Greene), which published Dave Palombo (Dave Polumbo) from RxMuscle, the General Director of the show Bob Cicherillo (Robert Michael Cicherillo) explained his position in an interview with the Global MD’s Muscle Radio:

For Kai is not given, I repeat, not given a special invitation to this Olympia. This is our good friend Dave Palombo posted for bait.

Now Solomon explained that he would like Kai participated this year and the offer is on the table, but green still has to first sign contracts, and qualified as any other bodybuilder. Bob also said it was unfair to hardworking athletes that have earned their place in the line of Las Vegas and it will force Kaya to qualify again. Cicherillo, gave to understand that he has a problem with the way Kai Greene coped with certain situations in the past, concerning the renewal of its contract to participate in the Olympia. Bob explained that green had created an impression that the organizers of the Olympia I don’t want him back on the scene, but it is not so:

“He will not sign the contract. We all would like to see Kai, Phil and all the best bodybuilders in the world, of course. But I don’t beg him. I would never have given a special invitation”

He then explained that there are rules, and nobody, regardless of their past performances, deserves a special invitation, unless he was the winner of the Olympia in the past. Now, most likely, Kai Greene will never qualify just because this idea is not in the interest due to many current factors in his life.

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