Joshua Lenartowicz won Bigman Weekend Pro 2019

Australian Joshua Lenartowicz (Joshua smart staff) successfully appeared on tournament-qualifier Bigman Weekend Pro 2019, which was held for the second time in the history of the IFBB professional League Pro. This is an important victory for the 36-year-old champion, because it gives him enough time to prepare their strategy for the show Mr. Olympia 2019. Joshua has presented in Spain, the figure that had two main qualities that led him to triumph – the large size and excellent quality competitive form. If Lenartowicz can do the same in Las Vegas in the fall, it would certainly be far higher in the table top bodybuilders of the planet than in previous years. African American Akeim Williams (Akim Williams) had a less detailed form, so judges Pro Bigman put him in second place. If AKAM will improve in definition, it will be hard to beat. Third place went to Britain’s James Hollingshead (James Hollingshead). This guy had a rather solid appearance, and if he can continue to score, it will be no surprise that he will win a few Pro shows in the near future, but for now Hollingshed not enough sizes.

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