Joshua Lenartovich was forced to produce tests

Josh lenartowicz

Australian athlete Joshua Lenartowicz is likely to miss the Mr. Olympia show in 2019, for which he received his qualification in Spain earlier this year, winning the Bigman Weekend Pro tournament. In recent weeks, the athlete was silent on social networks, and then confirmed that he has health problems. Josh did not give any specifics on exactly what problems he had:

Hello everyone, I hope you are fine.
This is just a brief post to let you know that at the moment I am dealing with stabilization of health, which requires me to give up social networks and public relations for a while. No need to panic, and I will be fine, but I need time and space to recover and return to full life. I will share with you in more detail, but now I just wanted to reach out, say hello and explain my recent absence. I will not respond to comments for a while, but just know that I really appreciate all the love, support and kindness that come my way. See you soon and God bless you. I love Josh.

But on the Internet, fans do not tolerate emptiness, especially when it concerns their idol and Lenartovich was forced to make a big clarification in 4 days:

“Today my good friend told me that some guy came up with my kidney problems. But with them full order and with the liver, good blood tests, mental health is excellent, everything is good with the heart.
All this is genetics, and it does not matter whether you are an stayer or an office worker.
However, I cannot normally relate to fools who compose stories out of nothing, negatively affecting family and close friends, who have to worry no less than I myself. When I get better and get all the results, I will publish them, despite the fact that I do not really need it, but this is my nature.
Thank you all for the words of support, I am also grateful to my sponsors, and especially to my family and my closest friends. My best days in bodybuilding are still ahead (I hope that after 7.5 weeks, but now it is difficult to judge this)!
There is so much on the Internet, so be rational, because a lot is not true until someone tells you about it personally. With regards to my case, I never talked to the person (eccentric who says otherwise) personally and with pleasure would have “talked” to him in the ring.
For those interested: please complete a complete blood count every 3 months for prophylaxis, check the health of the liver and kidneys, blood sugar levels.
The more tests and tests, the better it is for the prevention of health problems, but please do not forget that we are not invulnerable, and in some cases (like mine, for example) there are no symptoms of what is genetically incorporated, that you unable to change. "

Josh lenartowicz

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