Jamaican Dwyane Walker with Fantastic Hands and V Shape

Dwayne walker
When the Jamaican bodybuilder Dwayne Walker won in the under 102 kg weight class at the amateur Olympia in Las Vegas a year earlier and thus received a professional card, it was obvious that he was an athlete with significant potential. Given that Walker, who also has the Jamaican undisputed champion title, has competed in recent amateur competitions with a weight of 93 kg, he was of course invited to start a professional career in bodybuilding up to 212 pounds (96.2 kg). Due to the fact that he gained several kilograms of muscle, his obvious advantages stood out even more, including fantastic hands and an excellent V-shaped body. But Walker lost some of his balance and his hips began to lag a little behind the top of the body in terms of volume. This year, a Jamaican athlete wants to start in the open category men's bodybuilding, choosing the Wings of Strength Tampa Pro 2020 tournament for his first start among heavyweights. Given that Walker currently lives in the United States, unlike some other members of the upcoming lineup in Tampa, he should have no problem getting to the competition venue. The following snapshots and videos show how Dwayne Walker is doing with the volume and shape about six and a half weeks before entering Florida.

Dwayne walker

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