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George Farah

The world of bodybuilding is such a subjective sport that you can learn about some decisions on performing athletes only from insider information in the comments of the Instagram network. So recently, in the uploaded photo of the favorite of the upcoming Olympia 2019, Brandon Curry, which was posted by the owner of the most successful forge of the champions of the Oxygen Gym sports club in Kuwait, Sheikh Bader Boodai, an accompanying inscription said that this athlete was preparing for the main bodybuilding show without special invitations. It was a hint of invites from Mr. owners who have already become traditional. Olympia company AMI. Such invitations are issued to athletes who have not qualified according to the current rules for various reasons, but who thus receive the right to enter the line of the best in Las Vegas.

Among the comments that discussed this topic, a short post was posted by the famous trainer George Farah, who briefly noted that the famous Egyptian bodybuilder Ramy Mamdouh Elssbiay also received a similar invite this year, but did not want to or couldn’t take advantage of it for some reason. Farah also wrote that there is no enmity between Bader Buday and Big Rami and they are both respected people who parted amicably.

As we reported, Mamdu resigned from the Kuwaiti team “Camel Crew”, but could not qualify in this competitive season and only recently went to guest posing, where he showed his current form (see links below).

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