Ian Wallier expects to win Tampa Pro Wings of Strength 2020

Iain valliere
Professional athletes who are currently focused on preparing for the Wings of Strength Tampa Pro tournament can count on good news. This Saturday, an amateur show was held for the first time since the quarantine was announced because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tulsa, Oklahoma's second largest city, hosted an NPC tournament called “Battle Of The Bodies” (more on this at http://ironflex.com.ua/novosti). All participants were able to safely arrive at the venue, for example, from Pennsylvania and other states. Therefore, the chances of participating in a pro-tournament in Tampa in eight weeks are now much higher. Canadian professional Iain Valliere, of course, would like to take part in this tournament and compete for the qualification for Olympia in this competitive season. The aforementioned ward of the coach Patrick Tuor has owned a professional card since his absolute victory at the amateur Olympia in Latin America in 2014, where he managed to achieve success at only twenty-three years. The year before last, the athlete for the first time in his career made his way to participate in Mr. Olympia 2018, but last year he missed comparisons in Las Vegas. Ian would not want to allow something similar this year and expects that nothing will stop him from coming and winning the Tampa Pro Wings of Strength 2020 in Florida.

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May 24, 2020 at 2:03 PDT

Competitive career Iain Valliere (Iain Valliere)
2019 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding: IFBB Open Men (3rd) Vancouver Pro Bodybuilding: IFBB Open Men (4th) Toronto Pro Bodybuilding: IFBB Open Bodybuilding (2nd) 2018 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding: IFBB Open Men (14th) Vancouver Pro Bodybuilding: IFBB Open Men (4th) Indy Pro Open Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro Open (4th) 2016 Vancouver Pro BODYBUILDING: IFBB PRO BODYBUILDING (9th) Toronto Pro Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro Men (7th ) 2015 Toronto Pro Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro Bodybuilding (5th) IFBB Europa Games Orlando Bodybuilding: IFBB Pro Men (7th) 2011 Canadian Nationals Mens Bodybuilding: Junior Men – 21 and Under (1st)
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