How to lose weight with a slow metabolism?

Slow metabolism can be the real reason why a person cannot lose weight. But often a slow metabolism is used as an excuse that is not true.

If we consider metabolism in terms of weight loss, then this is the process of converting calories consumed into energy. Someone has a fast metabolism, someone has a slow metabolism, the physique of a person depends on its speed. With a fast metabolism, the body processes calories into energy so quickly that it is not stored as fat. With a slow metabolism, everything happens the other way around.

In fairness, it should be noted that slow metabolism is often used as an excuse for inaction. But if the metabolism is actually slow, then it makes weight loss difficult. With age, people become less active, which makes metabolism slower. Another reason for the age-related slowdown in metabolism is the loss of muscle mass, muscles help maintain metabolism. This is the reason why women gain weight more easily than men, they have less muscle mass.


Metabolism depends on the hormonal background of the body, especially on thyroid hormones. Insufficient production of thyroid hormones greatly slows down the metabolism, this is an occasion to undergo a medical examination. There are several ways to speed up your metabolism naturally.

Aerobic exercise

To maintain metabolism, aerobic training should be carried out at least three times a week and last at least 30 minutes. Cardio workouts burn many calories and have a strong momentary effect on metabolism.

Strength exercises

Strength training does not work like cardio, they burn less calories, but their effect on metabolism will be longer. Metabolism becomes higher during strength training and does not slow down for at least several hours after it. In addition, power loads contribute to the development of muscle mass, muscles support metabolism.

Healthy foods

To maintain metabolism, you need to eat more slow carbohydrates from cereals and vegetables and protein from low-fat meat products. Sweets and other light carbohydrates, saturated fats have the opposite effect, they slow down the metabolism.

You can speed up your metabolism with caffeine and hot spices.

Fractional nutrition

In order to spend a lot of calories, the body must receive them regularly. The best strategy to maintain a healthy metabolism is to eat small meals frequently. When the body often receives food regularly, it will willingly spend energy, it will not have to make energy reserves in the form of fat.

Stress management

It is said that stress contributes to weight gain, and this is true. Under stress, the active production of cortisol and other stress hormones occurs, they slow down the metabolism. In addition, most people in a state of stress begin to eat a lot, without showing selectivity to foods.

Healthy sleep

As mentioned above, to accelerate the metabolism, it is necessary to maintain the muscle system in tone. Muscles recover and grow precisely during nighttime sleep; chronic lack of sleep leads to loss of muscle mass and the appearance of fatty deposits.


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