How to lose weight so that the skin does not sag?

When the amount of excess weight exceeds ten kilograms, the question of how to get rid of them ceases to be the most difficult. It is much more difficult to understand how to lose weight so that the skin does not sag. If you do not think about it, then skin folds form on the site of the problem areas. Excess weight will no longer be, but the body will not become more attractive. Take measures to maintain skin elasticity is necessary at the stage of preparation for losing weight, that is, when choosing a diet and auxiliary tools.

People who have lost twenty or more kilograms love to upload their photos before and after losing weight. In the photographs after they are always in clothes, as something not very photogenic is hidden underneath. This is saggy skin with prominent folds. Experts say that with a lot of excess weight, you can’t get rid of it without consequences for the skin, however, this damage can be minimized. The skin can shrink by about 20%, so when you lose weight by a few pounds, it does not sag.

About the reasons

To figure out how to lose weight and not sag, you need to understand why this happens. The skin can not be considered a simple protective barrier between organs and the environment, it is the largest organ that is forced to respond to all internal and external changes. Between the skin and muscle tissue there is a fat layer, it is these two layers that make the skin elastic: muscles and fat. But when a person gains weight, the fat layer increases in volume, the skin has to stretch. If the increase in skin area occurs quickly, then stretch marks appear.

Creases for weight loss

Folds are the result of sharp weight loss, when subcutaneous fatty tissue melts, and the skin does not have time or can not shrink as much as required. Whether they appear or not depends on the chosen method of losing weight, as well as on other factors:

initial and final weight;
age: current and at that moment when a person has recovered;
whether attempts to lose weight have been made before, if so, when and how did they go.

Often, the creases on the skin take the remnants of adipose tissue, which could not be removed the first time. The localization of this fat may be uneven. It is most difficult to get rid of the last kilograms, but until they disappear, the skin will not shrink to the limit.

Due to hormonal characteristics, women face sagging skin more often than men. In addition, women are more likely to follow strict diets and dramatically lose weight. If you lose twenty or more kilograms per month, then you can’t get your skin in order without surgical intervention. With slow weight loss, the likelihood of stretch marks is higher than wrinkles. Stretch marks also occur more often in women.

The skin sags not only due to rapid weight loss, but also due to a lack of fluid in the body. With weight loss, the need for water increases, since in addition to life support processes, it also becomes necessary for the removal of the decay products of fat cells. If a sharp loss of excess weight is combined with dehydration, the skin condition worsens due to weakening of local immunity.

Diets with strict dietary restrictions create a deficiency of vitamin D and important elements such as selenium and magnesium. The lack of these substances becomes an additional negative factor. The skin can not only wrinkle and form folds, but also change color, undergo peeling.

What to do?

Do not lose weight dramatically

Sagging, flabbiness, peeling become the result of experiments on oneself when a person wants to lose weight at any cost as quickly as possible. The skin does not have time to adapt to change. If you want to get not only slim, but also a toned body, then do not try to lose more than 0.5-1 kg per week. Thanks to this approach, your skin will get time to adapt, and health and well-being will not suffer.

To drink a lot of water

The elasticity of all body tissues depends on the water balance in it. The first secret to skin firmness is to drink as much water as possible every day. The direct relationship between maintaining elasticity and drinking is proven by a study by The American College of Sports Medicine. The authors recommend drinking water on schedule during weight loss. This is not a guarantee of maintaining body elasticity, but dehydrated skin is less likely to maintain elasticity.

With a lack of water, the production of collagen and other proteins responsible for youthful skin is reduced.


Massages are suitable not only for relaxation, but also for improving the condition of the skin. The course of procedures in the process of losing weight will help the skin quickly adapt to changes in body volumes. During massage treatment, the breakdown of fat cells is accelerated, the techniques proved to be especially good in the area of ​​the second chin.

In addition to classical massage, hardware techniques and wraps are used to enhance the effect. Procedures are needed not only during weight loss. If a person noticed that the skin sagged, and wondered what to do after losing weight, then massages in combination with body wraps can increase elasticity. There are contraindications: thin skin, hypersensitivity, dermatological diseases.

Slimming Massages

Cosmetic products

Funds that are sold in ordinary supermarkets and promise complete disposal of cellulite in a week do not work. But this does not mean that all cosmetics are useless. To strengthen and consolidate the effect of the other measures listed here, you need professional lines of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. In such formulations, the degree of penetration of the active ingredients will be higher, therefore allergic reactions and other undesirable effects are not excluded. To make the right choice, you need to consult a cosmetologist.

Products for skin tightening after weight loss may include peptides, placental cells and retinol. The concentration of the active substance depends on the severity of the problem, the condition of the skin and the age of the patient. In order for retinol or another component to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, nanosomes or liposomes are included. These are plastic molecules that capture the active components and conduct them into the intercellular space. Using liposomes and nanosomes is expensive, so they are not in the mass market.

Slimming cosmetics


Neither massage nor cosmetic products will work without proper nutrition. If the diet allows you to lose weight, this does not mean that it is healthy and has a good effect on the state of the body. It is important not only to eat fully, but also to include in the diet products that increase the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

The first things you need to focus on are spinach, avocados, asparagus and walnuts. These products contain a lot of protein called glutathione, it protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and aging. Another important function of glutathione is the neutralization of toxins formed during the breakdown of fatty tissues.

No less important are the structural elements that are the building material for skin cells. These are protein and beneficial fatty acids, and both can be found in fish. To consider that eating oily fish will not allow you to lose weight will be a mistake. Active omega-3 acids normalize all important processes in the body, including the breakdown of excess body fat.

The next important component of nutrition is fiber, which is necessary for detoxification of the body. Fiber is present in foods with complex carbohydrates, they are necessary to stop the process of collagen glycation, when its molecules become brittle. Glycation is dangerous not only for the skin, but also for the walls of blood vessels, since they also consist of connective tissue.

Slimming food

Vitamin intake

There is no such person who would eat absolutely everything. At least one product will definitely not be to your liking, and, possibly, abandoning it, a person loses valuable trace elements. The nutritional value of the diet is especially affected when its calorie content is reduced, that is, during the diet. The skin reacts to a deficiency of nutrients by a worsening condition. Multivitamin supplements are used to make up for the deficiency.

When choosing a supplement, make sure that it contains vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as groups B. The most important trace elements for the skin are zinc, copper and selenium. If the complex contains all these names, then it will help maintain the elasticity of the body during weight loss. Hyaluronic and alpha-lipoic acid may also be helpful, but they are rarely part of multivitamins. These supplements are recommended to be purchased separately.

Slimming Vitamins


The basis of healthy weight loss is a diet, but you can’t do without workouts either. They are needed not only to spend extra calories, but also to increase skin elasticity. Many girls are afraid of strength training, and make a mistake. If your program to get rid of extra pounds will include exercises with weight, then the risk of colliding with sagging skin will be significantly lower. Do not be afraid of bulky muscles, pumping them by chance is impossible. Lose weight and increase muscle mass does not work, because to achieve these goals you need a different diet.

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