How to get back to fitness after a long break

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How to get back to fitness after a long break

The contents

  • Returning to fitness after a break of 2-4 weeks
  • Physical activity after a pause of from one to six months
  • Resuming exercise after a long break

Many athletes faced with the fact that skipping just a few workouts because of the holidays or holidays further turns for weeks or even months of a lack of physical activity. And the longer the fitness, the harder it is to get back in the game, because stamina decreases and you need to spend time to bring physical form to previous levels.

If the break was small — up to 2 weeks, as a rule, the process returns to the hall passes almost unnoticed. Much more complicated is the case of long interruptions. So, what you need to do to properly return to the gym?

Returning to fitness after a break of 2-4 weeks

Despite the fact that the body still retains its former physical form, after only 1-1,5 weeks to the lack of physical exertion, endurance of the cardiovascular system is reduced by 3-5%. And 3-4 weeks of downtime, this figure falls to 10%.

Therefore, the return to the exercises when you are working in cardio mode should take place under the following conditions:

  • maintaining a pulse on 10 beats lower than normal;
  • reduce workout time by 10 minutes.

To increase these figures, as well as the intensity of training should be gradual, so 2 weeks later to train in their usual rhythm.

The first 2 weeks after a break from the program should be deleted load, can cause high heart rate — running, aerobics, and active jumping. And be sure to follow the health. When you see the dizziness or weakness to take a break or reduce the intensity of the exercise.

Strength training special adjustment is not required, only need to eliminate the use of marginal weights, practicing familiar muscles with weights.

Physical activity after a pause of from one to six months

This period requires more attention to the body to restore previous settings.

  • Pause 4-10 weeks.

If before the break were training to lose weight, then exercise for fat burning should be conducted in the following way:

  • maintaining a heart rate of 15-20 units less compared to ordinary rate;
  • reducing training time by 20 minutes.

In this system, the fitness should not be less than 2 weeks. Statistics show that the endurance of the organism, i.e. the ability to withstand the already familiar burden for 8-9 weeks of downtime decreases by more than 30%. And the power indicators of achievements are reduced by 10%. Therefore, the full duration of classes can be left unchanged, but increase the rest period between exercises and reduce the weight of the weights by 20%.

It is not necessary to force events and to try to return to the previous loads as quickly as possible. The main attention should be paid to the technique of execution of exercises and your personal wellbeing. This will help during the month to enter it in sport mode and avoid injury and overtraining.

  • Pause from 10 weeks to 6 months.

This is the critical period when the training level is lowered almost to the physical level of the beginner. Studies show that by the end of six months, the endurance of the heart and muscles back to the indicators that have been up to active fitness.

Therefore, we must start with the simplest exercise — walking, stretching, swimming, low-intensity fitness, etc. First after the break, strength training needs to happen through light weights and performing basic exercises, working on all muscle groups. Special attention should be paid to the correct technique that could poselitsya during this time. It is not necessary to strive for maximum number of approaches. You need to be ready at any time to terminate the exercise at the slightest sign of poor health.

However, this is not a reason to completely abandon training: to restore the form still faster than building it from scratch. To return to the previous stage of physical development may require 8-10 weeks, subject to the application 2-3 cardio and 1-2 strength sessions per week.

Resuming exercise after a long break

When a pause in the gym too long, to return to the system will be even more difficult.

  • Pause 6-12 months.

Unfortunately, the muscles and the heart has almost forgotten what intense physical activity. Therefore, the first 1-2 months, you should accustom the body to a regular gym and then to switch to increase working weights and longer workouts.

The first 4 weeks it is better to do cardio low intensity in the following way:

  • heart rate — 110-125 units;
  • load duration — 40 minutes;
  • the frequency of sessions 2-3 days training a week;
  • the type of load — swimming, stretching, walking, any gentle fitness.

This will remove excess water from the body, to burn of fat and prepare muscles to more serious physical activity. As a strength training one can use weights, and work with her own weight and pull on the bar, lunges, shallow squats, pushups from the knees or from the vertical surface, twisting the press, reverse push-UPS.

The next month is to increase the duration of cardio to one hour and strenuous exercise to dilute the work with dumbbells and training at the gym with small weights.

For 3-4 months you can begin to gradually return to the former regime of fitness. Thus it is better to introduce complications in the cardiorespiratory training and strength training alternately — every couple of weeks.

  • Pause longer than 12 months.

At this stage, you can completely forget about his past career active fitness buff. We are not talking about recovery and the resumption of training from scratch. To choose first you need a simple gentle lessons 2-3 times a week. If the process turns on muscle memory, then after about 2 months you can begin to restore the necessary level of endurance with respect accurate technique of movements.

However, it is better not to repeat your past sport experience and to go beyond the familiar way. It would be more rational to pass a fitness test, compile the program with the allowable loads and to begin development of a new training system. Especially during his absence in the hall probably came variadic modern techniques, and perhaps this time, gaining great physical form will happen a lot faster.

In any case, despite the duration of the break, the main thing is to get back to the sport and to continue their journey to the beauty, strength and health!

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