How to do fitness with pleasure?

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How to do fitness with pleasure?

The contents

  • Positive approach to fitness training
  • What to do with the desire to skip a workout?
  • The level of intensity of physical load
  • General guidelines for exercise

Perhaps, every girl wants to have a beautiful, trim figure and constantly feel fresh and energetic. All this can provide the regular fitness training, the initiation of which resolved, alas, not all. In fact, sports is not as easy as it seems. Training can and should be fun. The main thing – competently to design a training program and also to adhere to proper exercise technique.

What are the main barriers hindering many young women from sports? Basically it is the fear of excessive physical exertion mixed with the unwillingness to spend a lot of time (and often money) to conduct regular fitness. One solution is to start small. This means that the first lessons should not be too prolonged, otherwise they risk to result in great stress for the body and unwillingness to continue to perform more complex exercises. It’s recommended to do no more than 30-40 minutes with short breaks to rest. Only in this case, you can personally ensure that sport is not a painful pastime, and a source of positive emotions and energy charge.

Positive approach to fitness training

To conduct fitness training has become a healthy habit, you need to do with pleasure, and not through force. And to do this, try not to think about the complexity of physical activity, and about the result they will help to provide.

Over time (usually 2-3 weeks after the first workout) to proceed to the next lesson will be easier. To complicate the work and to increase the duration of the whole training should start only when the current exercise will become habitual for the body.

What to do with the desire to skip a workout?

If you constantly putting off the classes then, searching for many reasons, most likely, the sport has not yet entered firmly into your life, and yet is a kind of heavy duty. Therefore, there is bound to be too saturated with the cares of the days, urgent meetings and other events, which is a good reason to miss a workout.

So the morning plan your day so that you must find at least 30 minutes for fitness. If for some reason you don’t feel well, it is possible to conduct training in the light version, simplifying complex exercises. Skipping class is valid only in extreme cases when there is abundant “female” days, an elevated temperature, the presence of recent trauma, exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc.

Tune in to an effective workout will help energetic music that will create the right mood and ensure that you exercise at a comfortable pace. It is also worth to buy a beautiful and comfortable sports clothes to do sport more enjoyable.

The level of intensity of physical load

Regarding physical activity and its intensity there are many rules. The main include the following.

  • First, let your muscles get used to the low-intensity training, thereby preparing them to more lengthy and energy-consuming activities.
  • Always plan in advance sessions by establishing detailed training program. This way you will be able to distribute the load on certain muscle groups on specific days, as well as to determine the duration of rest between sessions.
  • If over a long period of time you do not notice any results, try to increase the duration of the sessions themselves, or add in a training program more difficult exercises. The main thing is not to change the intensity of your workouts dramatically, so, again, not to hurt the body.
  • The optimal frequency of sessions during the first month of training 3 times a week. After another 1-2 months from the start of the classroom training can be conducted through the day. But in any case it is not necessary to exercise every day – it will only destroy not had time to recover muscle fibers and will result in overtraining.
  • If your main goal is weight loss, try to keep in the classroom was dominated by aerobic exercise, which will increase the heart rate and, consequently, high costs of energy. If you wish to increase muscle mass, practice strength training using additional weights. However, not to dwell on the classes of the same type, if you just want to maintain your body in good shape. The optimal solution in this case is the combination of strength and aerobic exercise.
  • As for the additional weight, the beginners are recommended to work with dumbbells, each weighing no more than 4-5 pounds.
  • General guidelines for exercise

    As mentioned previously, of great importance when carrying out fitness equipment is the exercise and how well they are planned. So be aware of the following nuances.

  • The lesson should always begin with a simple warm-up exercises. This is necessary in order to warm up the muscles, preparing them thus to more serious loads.
  • Don’t neglect the holding of a hitch at the end of training. It should consist of simple stretching exercises that will help normalize your heart rate and prevent the emergence of a strong delayed onset muscle soreness (muscle soreness) the following class day.
  • To make it easier to follow the correct exercise technique, if possible, try to do the mirror. An even better option would be to conduct workouts with a professional fitness instructor who, based on your individual features, not only select the proper exercises, but will see how correctly their performance.
  • Equally important is the correct breathing technique in the process of exercise. When muscle relaxation is necessary to take a breath when you tension out.
  • Compliance with all recommendations regular training and adherence to the designed program will allow you to turn the training into a useful habit that brings real pleasure.

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