How quickly pump up the legs: fitness exercises for buttocks and thighs


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How quickly pump up the legs: fitness exercises for buttocks and thighs

The contents

  • Where better to fitness training?
  • Canons effective training
  • Exercises for training the glutes
  • A set of exercises to strengthen the hips
  • Training for the pumping muscles of legs

Leg muscles in the human body is 20-40% of the total muscle mass, and weightlifters — up to 50%. In daily life, feet take on a greater burden, so their muscles are very important to develop and strengthen. The girls need to do it without the enthusiasm to make legs look slim and toned, but not pumped. Men need to train more intensively, with large weights, otherwise thin, thin legs, at the broad shoulders will look, to put it mildly, ugly. For the pumping of leg muscles there are many exercises performed on a regular basis which will help to achieve results in a short time.

Where better to fitness training?

Where to train — at home or in the gym, everyone has to choose himself. Gym sessions have several advantages:

  • a professional coach who can help you find a set of exercises to master the technique of their execution, and give suggestions to improve the effectiveness of training;
  • good selection of sports equipment for leveling feet;
  • the incentive for carrying out regular fitness workouts in the form of payment of subscription and purchase of sports clothing.

Doing at home, will have to motivate yourself, make space and time for training. It is also advisable to request the households not to distract from classes, to turn off the phone and Internet.

However, it is important to remember that any exercise can be done effectively, no matter where it is held. The main thing is to set a goal, clearly to go and follow the advice of professional trainers.

Canons effective training

To quickly and efficiently pump the legs, it is necessary to conduct trainings, adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Paint schedule 1-2 months in advance by scheduling 3-4 fitness training per week, and stick well.
  • To choose classes convenient sportswear.
  • Practice warm-up before exercise, stretching after training.
  • To perform the exercises with adherence to technology, slowly, without jerks, feeling the tension in every muscle.
  • To perform each set of exercises for at least 40 minutes.
  • Practicing aerobic exercise (running, Cycling, sports walking, jumping rope), alternating them with power.
  • At the initial stage to do exercises for 12-15 times in 2-3 cycles, increasing their number as addiction to muscular load.
  • To observe the daily moisture balance to drink up to 2.5 liters of liquid, including pure water without gas, fresh juices, soups, etc.
  • Balance the power: to refuse smoked products, sweets, fast food, convenience foods, sugary drinks with gas, to enrich the diet with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy products, etc.; fractional to eat 4-6 times per day.
  • Exercises for training the glutes

    Many of the exercises to strengthen buttocks, involve and strengthen foot muscles. In addition, inflated legs amid sagging, underdeveloped buttocks will look at least unattractive. Why narrowly focused elements also need to include in fitness training.

    In the process of performing a set of exercises for buttocks recommended to use a weight (dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, or plastic water bottles).

    Efficient training for the glutes:

  • Standing straight, with feet hip distance apart parallel to each other and closed their hands in the lock on the chest to sit down. Breasts are not bulging, is no slouch knee joints to keep in the same plane with the toes, hips do not drop below parallel with the floor. Over time, this exercise should be more difficult, adding to the jumping squats. Ie you need to jump up, lifting from the bottom point, and again Crouch. Thus will be drawn from the anterior surface of the thighs.
  • Standing straight with feet shoulder width of the pelvis, and the hands put on the waist, turn each leg to do lunges to the corner of the 90 at the knees. Your chest to stick out, don’t slouch, chin not to give and not to bully.
  • Lying on your back, arms stretched along the body (palms down) and keep your knee bent, lift the pelvis up, bringing the maximum and straining buttocks. At the end of the last repeat in the top 10 to make springy movements.
  • A set of exercises to strengthen the hips

    Exercise for pumping the front and rear surfaces of the thighs:

  • On the simulator for leg extension to put back so that the hip is fully visible on the seat, and the cushion so that it rested the lower part of the legs. Legs should be bent at an angle of 90. To set the desired weight, sit on a bench, take hold of the handle. Slowly raise the legs up, locking position for 1-2 seconds and then lower down.
  • Lying on your back with raised legs (at an angle of 90 to the body) and leaning your palms on the floor is necessary to plant both legs out to the sides until the maximum tension in the muscles of the inner thighs, and then to bring together.
  • Sitting on the stool, placing it between my thighs honey – or the fitball, to compress and decompress it. To perform the exercises at an average pace.
  • On the simulator for leg extension adjust the position of the cushion so that it was located on the back of the ankles. To lie on his stomach on the bench, the waist must be located at the bend of the bench, knees — to hang with her. Grab the handrails. Without lifting the body and the front part of the hips from the bench, pull the cushion to the buttocks and then lower it.
  • Lying on his stomach, placing hands under the chin and straight legs, raise them as high as possible, and then lower it. All the movements to do due to the tension of the buttocks and posterior thighs.
  • Training for the pumping muscles of legs

    The most effective exercises to strengthen the shins:

  • Standing straight, feet firmly pressed to the floor, hands put on the waist and back straight, rise on the toes, fixed at 1-2 seconds and then drop down. You can perform this exercise on a low platform. In this case, you need not rise on the toes and lower the heels down. Platform height shall be such that when lowering the heels they almost reach the floor.
  • Sitting on a chair, feet firmly pressed to the floor, put on his knees the weighting and fix it by hand. Keep your back straight. To raise the feet on the socks, fix the position for 1-2 seconds and then lower them down.
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