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  • How to choose the weights for fitness at home
  • The rules of exercise with weights
  • A set of exercises with weights on the whole body

Not everyone can or wants to visit a gym. To organize a mini-sports area is easy in an apartment. Essential fitness equipment for training at home will be the weights. These devices — a godsend for those who do not have enough available load. Using weights can complicate the usual classes to develop strength and endurance, increase muscle mass and achieve weight loss. It is only necessary to properly use them at home.

How to choose the weights for fitness at home

The weights can be used as during strength training and performing cardio. These assistants in functionality similar to a conventional dumbbell or barbell. The only difference is that these weights are attached to the body, and to vary their weight not always possible. For home fitness suitable for bulk and plate weights.

Bulk products — filled with sand weights. To change their weight is impossible, so such devices are less practical in comparison with the plate. Often bulk weights do not differ durability. Over time the material wears out, causing the weights from falling apart.

Plate fixtures are more functional. To give yourself the maximum load, you can add plates of metal. And to reduce it is to remove the weights. This type of weighting is recommended for home workouts. You can use them to grow from beginner to advanced athlete.

In addition to differences by type of filler, the weights are different mounting location. For hands and feet products are utilized in the form of cuffs. You can find also weights in the form of belts for waist and vests, Boxing gloves heavy with the weights. To work out the neck muscles are used helmets-the weights. The average weight of the devices varies from 0.5 kg.

The weights will help to diversify home workouts. Products do not hinder movement, so you can use them while walking or Jogging, doing martial arts, dancing or swimming, not only in different areas of fitness. The devices increase muscle tone, develop strength, endurance, speed. Performing compound exercises with weights have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, contributes to efficient burning of body fat.

The rules of exercise with weights

To workout with weights benefited, it is necessary to observe the rules of training with this fitness equipment. First of all you need to perfectly observe the exercise, and secondly — do not forget about the gradual increase in weight weights. Despite the fact that to train with weights this type of comfortable load, be sure to dose, choose products taking into account their own capabilities. To increase weight, preferably 0.5 kg to minimise stress to joints and muscles.

Like any other devices for fitness, the weights have contraindications. The main ones are:

  • Varicose veins.
  • Recent surgery.
  • Unhealed sprains and fractures.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Obesity.
  • Problems with the joints.
  • Kidney stones disease.

Performing exercises with weights, you need to consider that the device should not cause discomfort during movement. The “right” weights do not press or RUB. Therefore, the device should try when buying, or better yet, test them in the store.

To carry weights is not the time for fitness training is not recommended. During cleaning or a simple walk is not always possible to properly control the load, clarity of movement. Therefore, uncontrolled use of appliances can harm the joints, ligaments, muscles.

To training with weights was safe, before going you need to do workout. A set of exercises should begin with light Jogging, swings hands and feet, a few sit-UPS. Special emphasis should be laid on the warm up muscles that will be actively involved in the work.

A set of exercises with weights on the whole body

To complicate home fitness with weights is easy even for a beginner. As a rule, the fixtures can be entered in any exercise. Weights perfectly with the fitness bands, jump ropes, stability balls and other equipment. For training you should use the following complex of exercises for different muscle groups:

  • Abduction feet to the side. To choose as a support wall or just put his hands on your waist, secure the weights on the legs. To stand on one leg, the second to perform a drain — on the exhale raise leg out to the side to 45 degrees relative to the floor. Drop smoothly, without jerks and strong swings.
  • Breeding hands. Lie on a bench or Mat, to pre-consolidate collaterals at hand. Legs slightly bent at the knees. To carry out cultivation of hands in the parties, placing them at chest level. When performing exercises to look up.
  • Leg lifts lying down. To fasten weights to his feet, to lie on the floor with your back, arms to make a head. At the same time raise both legs to 45 degrees. During operation of the press should be strained, lower back can not be off the floor.
  • “Scissors” hands. To fix the weights on the hands, stand up straight, feet slightly apart. Positioning the arms parallel to the floor at chest level. Alternately mix them with a small amplitude. Exercise “Scissors” can be done by placing the hands in front of you or over your head, making the twists and turns the body left and right.
  • Leg extension while sitting. To sit on a chair, the weighting must be on the legs. Hands can hold on to the seat. Lifting one leg, pulling her forward, slightly bent at the knee and locked in this position for 2-3 seconds. Lower the leg, but not to put it on the floor, repeat several times.

To train with the devices in the home or on the street. The figure will be turned, if you combine weights and cardio-exercises. Weights fit well in the complexes of step aerobics. But whatever the direction of the classroom, it is important not to forget regular exercise.

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