Home fitness: exercise 21 for the study of all muscle groups


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Home fitness: exercise 21 for the study of all muscle groups

The contents

  • Home exercises for buttocks and legs
  • Fitness workout for abdominal muscles
  • Exercises for the chest muscles and arms
  • Home fitness workout for the back

To put in order the figure it is possible even in the walls of the house, without regular trips to the gym. In order to workout proved to be effective not only for shapes but also for overall health, you need to contact the individual complexes of physical exercises. Exercises of different intensity and variable direction will help to work the body comprehensively and improve health in the short term.

Home exercises for buttocks and legs

To strengthen the gluteal muscles at home by using set of effective exercises. Most of the physical activity aimed at the elaboration of the buttocks, but some of them are mnogokomponentnye, due to what else is loaded and thigh area.

  • Wide squats-plie.

Best home exercise for involvement of all beams of the gluteal muscles. With the broad statement of the feet, the focus of tension shifted it on the pelvic region, additionally the Cycling and inner thigh area. The squat should be performed prior to the thigh parallel with the floor. The back must be kept straight and the hands are better to have behind your head or crossed on your chest.

  • Lunges with the weights.

As weighting is best suited dumbbells. Men can carry the load with a barbell on the shoulders or chest, if such a shell is available in your home Arsenal. Attacks are performed in turn on each foot with a wide step to the formation of the Parallels between the floor and the thigh. The angle between the knee and calf should not be less than or greater than 90 degrees. It is important to keep your back straight and do not touch the knee laid back feet of the floor. During execution of the load should feel tension in the hamstrings.

  • The gluteal bridge.

A popular exercise for the simultaneous pumping of both hips, and buttocks. Because during fitness training is no detrimental stress on the spine, to perform such item for the gluteal muscles can people of any age. The basic rule is to raise the pelvis in the lying position it is necessary to stop and to feel the limit with muscular tissue reduction. The blades should be touching the floor and arms stretched along the body for extra balance.

  • Deadlifts with dumbbells.

Powerful fiznagruzki for women and men with no back problems. Home exercises with a thrust of heavy equipment most often performed with dumbbells, but it can be used small compact fretboard. Lower the dumbbell or barbell needed with straightened back and squared shoulders. The pelvis is given as before, and the projectile falls just below the knees. There may be a small natural curve in their lower back for balance. Movements are performed slowly and smoothly – as when lowering and lifting equipment.

  • Leg swings back from a standing position.

Can run with different speed and amplitude. The higher the speed of swings, the more fat loss occurs in the legs.

  • Leg lift up from the position on all fours.

Load for efficient pumping buttocks and thighs. The higher the leg is raised, the higher shifting voltage.

  • Rise on the toes.

Simple fiznagruzki to strengthen calf muscles, as well as small longitudinal muscles of the legs.

Fitness workout for abdominal muscles

Home exercises for abdominal muscles will help to tighten up the belly and to achieve harmony without the use of heavy equipment.

  • Basic twisting.

Basic home exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles and bark. The main rule – the rise of the body from the floor must be no more than 30-40 degrees from the surface. This involves all the beams are straight and transverse muscles and oblique abdominal muscles.

  • The reverse twisting.

The upper half of the torso should remain stationary on the floor for extra emphasis it is recommended to use your hands stretched along the body. Legs need to straighten and pull them from the floor surface to 40-45 degrees. Some variations of the exercises include pulling the elongated legs to her chest.

  • “Boat”.

A simple exercise to qualitatively study the transverse muscles of the press. Is performed from the position lying on his stomach. At the same time it is necessary to raise up the hands and feet – to the formation of the SAG in the lower back and spine, and to stay static for 2-3 seconds.

  • “Scissors”.

Effective home exercise for activating the lower beams of the straight abdominal muscles. Without a visit to the hall element allows you to remove the fat cushion in the lower part of the abdomen. In the supine position should raise the legs and perform skrashivaya movement before the tension in the target area.

  • “Bicycle”.

The load for the pumping of the lower abdominal muscles and oblique muscles of the press. Is the same as “scissors”, but instead skrashivaya movements necessary to alternately bend and stretch your legs, simulating torsion of Bicycle pedals.

  • Lifting legs in vis on the crossbar.

Effective load for involvement of all muscles of the abdominal area. In vis on the bar can be made as the lift straightened legs (parallel to the floor), and lift with tightening bent legs to the stomach.

Exercises for the chest muscles and arms

Home fitness workout for chest and arms include basic, but high-impact loads, which helps to strengthen the muscles and even increase the volume.

  • Push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands.

This variation of the basic fiznagruzki shifts the emphasis from the pectoral muscles in his hands, pumping biceps, triceps and front deltas.

  • Pushups with wide hand positioning.

Option basic push-UPS, moving the load with the hands on the chest muscles. Actively involve the large and small pectoral muscle, and the upper serrated muscles.

  • Reverse push-UPS from the support.

The perfect exercise to work out the triceps and make the hands beautiful athletic silhouette. Can be performed from any convenient rack (bench, table, cabinets, the back of the sofa).

  • Breeding hands with dumbbells in the slope standing.

Load switches the voltage on the pectoral muscles and triceps muscles making them toned and aesthetic.

  • Pullover dumbbell from behind the head.

This is the main element for pumping the triceps, however, are being further developed and the small pectoral muscle. To get the maximum result of lifting a dumbbell because of the head should be performed in full amplitude – to full extension arms.

Home fitness workout for the back

Home complex fitness workouts for the back includes various versions of pull-UPS and thrust loads. The best option is using dumbbells, but it is best to buy a small rack with a barbell. To understand the load activates it the spinal muscles, should control the position of the blades closer to each other they are, the higher activation of the muscles of the spinal area.

  • The wide grip pullups to the chest.

Effective home exercise for men who want to do the back aesthetic and powerful. In the process of implementing the elbows should be laid back, and subscapular area should be felt.

  • Pull the dumbbells in an inclined position.

Elbow bent hand with the dumbbell should be given back to the offset blades. In this case, aktiviziruyutsya latissimus, rhomboid muscles and the trapezoid.

  • “Superman.”

A simple exercise for men and women, strengthening the spine. Performed lying on the stomach. It is necessary to lift the body, pull out your left hand and raise right leg. The same action should be performed with the right hand and left foot. To make dynamic movement should in turn.

Before beginning fitness training you should thoroughly warm up the muscles with a simple set of loads with a bending, the rotations of the joints and springing movements for a deep study of the ligaments. Finish your workout stretching is recommended-complex to relax muscle fibers.

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