Herbs for weight loss

In ancient times, people treated their diseases with the help of herbal medicine. Today it is used not only to strengthen immunity or health in general, but also as a means of helping to achieve a slim figure. They can be used both independently and in conjunction with sports, fasting or diets. Let's find out exactly how herbs for weight loss work, and which are better to choose.


There are 4 main types:

Providing a thermogenic effect, thereby increasing the burning of body fat.
Responsible for detoxification, that is, cleaning the body of unnecessary and harmful elements.
They have a diuretic effect by which unnecessary water is removed from the body.
Decreasing appetite.

Fat Burning Herbs


It is an effective stimulant containing a large amount of caffeine. Due to the increase in adrenaline due to the active components of the plant, the breakdown of adipose tissue increases. The composition of guarana seeds is rich in vitamins and other beneficial substances that reduce psychophysical fatigue.

With the help of the antioxidant properties of plants, the efficiency of the body increases. They fight diarrhea, flatulence and indigestion. Guarana can be used as a separate infusion or as an additive in water and fruit juices.

Tea Recipe:

bring the water to a boil, cool to 85 degrees;
Pour 2 teaspoons of tea with water and leave for 2 minutes.


Green tea

It speeds up the metabolism in the body, which occurs due to stimulation of the central nervous system, as well as burn more fat.

Tea Recipe:

Boil water, then cool it to 80 degrees.
Pour boiling water over the teapot, pour green tea into it.
Fill with water and close the lid.
Wait 5-6 minutes and your infusion is ready.

Green tea


The action of grass is due to the increase in energy consumption. The most effective compounds contained in the mat:

natural stimulant – caffeine;

Grass suppresses appetite and increases metabolism.


tea is brewed in a special vessel – calabash. This is a dried pumpkin with a metal-framed neck;
a third of the calabash should be covered with dry tea leaves;
tilt the vessel so that the grass is on one wall;
pour water or milk on a clean wall. The liquid should not be very hot. 50-60 degrees is enough. Water should only moisten the tea leaves;
lower the bombilla into the vessel, into the green gruel;
refill water, filling calabash to the top. The liquid can be hot, about 70 degrees. The infusion is ready.


Cayenne pepper

One of the best natural herbs, as it contains capsaicin, which speeds up metabolism and reduces appetite. Cayenne pepper dilates blood vessels without affecting pressure.

For cooking you will need:

200 ml of purified water;
3 tbsp. l lemon juice;
2 tbsp. l maple syrup;
a quarter tsp ground cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper


All of us in childhood blew away the gray fluffs of a dandelion, but who could imagine that it is very useful? It provides fast absorption of carbohydrates and regulation of blood sugar.

For cooking you will need: 20 g of dandelion root, fennel and parsley. 4 tablespoons of this collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1 hour. It is necessary to take 4 times a day, 1 glass before meals.


Thanks to it, blood circulation is stimulated and the metabolism improves. Science has proven that ginger tea is an effective tool for weight loss. It contains essential oils that enhance metabolism.

Cooking broth:

Grate a piece of ginger root 5 cm long, then pour 500 ml of hot water and put on fire.
Bring to a boil, reduce heat and continue cooking for 10 minutes.
After cool and strain.
Such a decoction can be used with honey or lemon juice.



No wonder they consider it a storehouse of fiber. It can also act as a laxative. It is recommended to take before meals, as it helps to reduce the feeling of hunger. If you want to achieve impressive results, combine its use with sports and diet.


30 grams of fresh or 15 grams of dry grass pour 1 cup of boiling water.
Let the broth brew for 8 hours. Divide into 3 servings.

In the evening, we recommend preparing a new decoction, since it can not be stored.



It provides fat burning in cells and cleanses the entire body of harmful substances.


200 g of root, 100 g of liquid honey and 1 liter of purified water.
Grind the horseradish, then fill it with boiled water.
Leave to stand in a dark place, then strain through a gauze bandage.
Pour in honey and mix well.
Eat 5 tablespoons 10 minutes before meals for a month.



It is important to remember that any herb has its own contraindications. Here are the main ones:

chronic diseases;
diseases of the kidneys, liver;
gastrointestinal tract diseases that require medication;
breastfeeding, pregnancy;
allergy to herbs.

If you have a chronic illness, consultation with a doctor and herbalist is required. So you ensure yourself losing weight without harm to health. It is important to remember that herbs growing in an environmentally harmful place or near roads can be unhealthy. It is better to get them in pharmacies.

In conclusion, I would like to note that decoctions of herbs for weight loss allow you to get rid of extra pounds and it is easy to cook them at home yourself. The basic rule is to choose a grass that suits your taste and does not cause side effects. Therefore, always pay attention to contraindications and be healthy!


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