Habits that can provoke excess weight

Our daily habits often imperceptibly affect our weight, even if you play sports and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is enough to change 2-3 daily habits to notice changes in your body. Even the most harmless habit of eating from large plates or watching TV shows while eating affects our brain and a sense of fullness.

High-calorie drinks

We are used to thinking that drinks are always less high in calories than any dish. This big mistake often leads to a set of extra calories. In a cup of espresso without sugar there will be only 2 calories, but in a coffee with syrup, milk and whipped cream, there may already be 500 calories and even more. Special danger lurks in soda. They do not give a feeling of satiety and only increase hunger, so you can quietly drink too much.


Do not take snacks with you

In the mornings, especially after a hearty breakfast, it may seem that you will certainly stretch until the evening without snacks. Then, in the middle of the day, the stomach begins to tremble treacherously, and you go to the nearest store to buy something for a snack. Most often it can be a roll, a sweet drinking yogurt or a ready-made sandwich. It is better to take care of this in advance and take with you fruit, vegetable salad or a healthy sandwich with chicken breast and vegetables.

Elevator instead of stairs

Sadly, elevators and escalators weaned us from movement. For every 10 steps on the stairs, we burn 5 calories, so about 100 calories can be burned for one climb to the 12th floor. Using elevators and escalators we deprive ourselves of this load.

This applies not only to climbing stairs, but also to ordinary walking. Due to the constant rush, people jump from the bus to the subway, ride in cars, so the number of steps is minimized. Try to leave the house 10-20 minutes earlier to go through one stop or subway station.


Food while watching TV shows

During meals, our brain should be focused on the process. If you constantly watch movies, read news or play shooter games on the phone, our head stops working in the right direction. The brain is simply distracted from the process of eating food, so it does not notice the part of the food that we ate. You need to eat in a relaxed atmosphere – this helps to quickly satisfy your hunger and get enough.

Eat from big plates

A popular life hack for losing weight about reducing the volume of a plate can be useful to everyone. A normal serving of food on a large plate seems small, so our brain thinks that we need to apply a serving as much as possible. Therefore, we try to eat all the food on a plate, even if you don’t feel like eating anymore. It is better to put the dish on a small plate and then to report an additional portion, if there is a feeling that you are not full.


Eat too much fat

The love of frying on a large amount of oil imperceptibly increases the cholesterol and calorie content of the dish. Therefore, it is better to minimize its amount. Especially if it does not greatly affect the taste. By the way, it is for this reason that it is better to cook simple dishes that do not require preliminary roasting of several ingredients. This also applies to oil salad dressings. Even a tablespoon of olive oil contains about 120 calories, so you need to know the measure.


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