Gym Needed Masks – Schwarzenegger Changed California Law

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The bodybuilding legend, the man who made muscle culture known to the general public, has succeeded in his initiative and Gold's Gym Venice clients must now wear a face mask because of Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to foreign media reports, the bodybuilder and organizer of the famous Arnold Classic competition managed to impose his opinion, and now the rules of sports have been changed for the clients of the legendary sports club Gold Gold Gym. In accordance with these new local regulations, all club members are required to wear a mask when at the gym. Many visitors did not like this much, and some even reported about the change of the sports hall. Schwarzenegger has repeatedly spoken out in support of California Governor Gavin Nuogcom's new executive order that every member of his state must wear masks at all times as the coronavirus pandemic continues. A few days ago, bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger went to Gold's Gym Venice to work out. Upon arrival, he returned to his bike and left the building. According to reports, Arnie refused to exercise as he was informed that gym members did not wear face masks while exercising. He decided not to even shoot videos for social networks, as he had originally planned to do at Gold's Gym, and left the sports club.

The Gold Gym operates at 50% of its normal capacity, regularly disinfects equipment and monitors club members' temperatures as a safety measure during a pandemic. But all of that is a thing of the past as the owners agreed with the veteran bodybuilder and sent an email to members who were informed of the new measures:

For the attention of Gold's Gym Venice members:

Gold's Gym continues to follow all federal, state and local rules to ensure the health and safety of our Members. Local regulations for California have recently been updated to require masks to be worn when visiting the gym. In accordance with these new local regulations, all members are required to wear a mask when in the gym. Masks are not required outdoors in the yard as long as you have the ability to maintain a 6 foot distance from other participants. In addition, the masks can be removed briefly when you drink during your workout. The new law on face masks has affected not only gyms, but also other institutions.
Download the California Department of Health Statement PDF
The new law came into effect following the recent rise in the number of coronavirus cases in California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger left a message on his official Twitter page:

This is 100% correct. This will help us defeat this terrible virus. Science is unanimous – if we all put on masks, we will slow the spread and be able to safely open up again. This is not a political issue. Anyone who makes it a political issue is a complete idiot who can't read. – Arnold Schwarzenegger. 06/22/2020 376 0

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