Frank Sepe – New Media Director for the NPC / Pro League

Frank sepe
Frank Sepe has been named Media Director for the Professional League and the National Committee for Physical Education (NPC), including NPC Worldwide. As federation president Jim Manion said: “Frank is currently president and chief editor of, as well as subsidiary sites and social networks, and he will continue to hold these positions. Since Frank came to work in 2013, he has become the driving force behind our continued growth in the field of media, and not only in our sport, because he is a person who continues to think outside the box for the further growth of our products! " Frank Sepe replied: “I am very pleased to accept the position of Director of Media. I had the great pleasure of working with the Manion family for some time, and I look forward to helping make our shared vision a reality. Numerous digital and social initiatives will be implemented that will improve the visibility and openness of all competitions and athletes. I will also remain as president and chief editor of and, together with JM and Tyler Manion, will continue to grow our digital and social portfolios. “I want to thank the NPC and President Jim Manion for the opportunity and look forward to significant progress in the near future.” If you need to contact Frank, you can email him at [email protected].

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