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Flex wheeler

Legend bodybuilder Flex Wheeler, after being banned from publishing his condition from all sources except his official pages, has updated his current status. In the video on the Instagram page, the athlete spoke about the condition just a few weeks after the amputation of part of his right leg. This is truly the biggest failure throughout his adult life, although Flex has been to hospitals many times due to health complications. Wheeler explained in detail all the events that led to such an end. He said that he was in great pain, but he had no other choice. Former multiple winner Arnold Classic said he already feels a little better, as the pain has slightly decreased. Flex also talked about the magnificent goodwill gesture that Dennis James made when he created an account on GoFundMe to help him pay huge medical bills. Wheeler thanked all his fans and friends for helping him and already raised more than $ 23,000. Anyone who wants to make a donation to help Flex Wheeler can do this by clicking HERE.

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