Fitness with fitball exercises for weight loss and strengthen the body

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Fitness with fitball exercises for weight loss and strengthen the body

The contents

  • The history of the emergence of gymnastic ball
  • The use of the fitball
  • Selection of equipment for exercise
  • Physical exercises with fitball slimming
  • Recommendations on preparing a fitness program

Exercise ball is a large exercise ball that is widely used in training. It can be used to perform different sport exercises of varying intensity.

With regular work with a stability ball not only can form a perfect figure, but also to strengthen the immune system. Since the fitball has a decreased injury risk, to apply it in their classroom can people of any age, including children and age of the athletes.

The history of the emergence of gymnastic ball

In the middle of the 20th century the Swiss physician Susan Klein-Vogelbach was the first to use special fitness program with a large dense ball. Initially the training was designed for patients with different forms of cerebral palsy.

However, a health effect with a stability ball proved so effective that the sports complex was actively used for people with a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

As shown, the process of regeneration and recovery accelerated in several times, even if damage to the spinal column and skeletal system was very serious. Gradually, information about the fitball has spread far across Europe.

Today, in every fitness center you can find different variations of fitness workouts with a stability ball.

Training with fitball is ideal for any age, body type, physical activity level and health status. Especially popular’s low impact workout with a great stretch ball for women and children. However, despite the large list of benefits of the fitball, there is a small list of contraindications to training of this kind.

For example, to perform physical exercises with the ball not recommended for pregnant women (especially first and last trimester of pregnancy), and patients in the postoperative period, with serious pathology of the spine or cardiovascular system, exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs and ongoing inflammatory processes. Before you start training with fitball, you need to consult a specialist to avoid negative effects on health.

The use of the fitball

What is the benefit of exercising with a yoga ball? Performing gymnastic exercises with the ball, will be:

  • to break down fat;
  • to normalize the work of respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • to strengthen a muscular corset to correct posture;
  • to improve blood circulation and the lymphatic system;
  • to encourage the withdrawal of the decay products from the body;
  • to speed up the metabolism;
  • to remove tension from the working muscles;
  • to increase joint mobility;
  • to establish psycho-emotional state;
  • to develop agility, endurance, coordination of movements.

Selection of equipment for exercise

For effective classroom toys should be of high quality. Because the exercise ball has the ability to deflate, fitness instructors recommend to look for the shell with the markings “Burst Resistant Quality” or “Tera-band”. To a set of exercises to work properly, you need to choose the equipment individually, in accordance with the growth.

Sit on the exercise ball. If the legs and thighs formed a right angle, and the foot is on the floor without breaking, so the projectile classes matched correctly.

Get balls only in reliable online shops, where a wide range of sorting by sizes, models, prices and brands. Especially recommended to pay attention to shells with integrated blast-proof ABS — these models are the most secure during active workouts. Even people with overweight can be calm: the modern balls made of dense rubber that can withstand up to 200-300 kg of free weight.

Most often for basic fitness programs beginners choose exercise balls with a smooth surface. However, the trainers suggest the purchase of an additional model with a rough rubber or special bulges: they will be powerful massage effect that helps to disperse the blood and improve lymphatic drainage, which is especially important when losing weight. For added stability and balance should be looking at models with special horns-handle.

When buying, you should check the basic details of gymnastic ball: valve and seams. The latter should not stand out and scratching the skin, and the valve must be firmly closed and do not leak air.

Physical exercises with fitball slimming

Fat burning and holistic sanative exercises with a stability ball you can perform in the gym and at home.

  • Sit on the fitball on my stomach so that your hands and feet touch the floor. Alternately raise the upper and lower limbs. To start at the same time raise the left arm and right leg, and then repeat movement with the opposite limbs. When this exercise effectively strengthens the spine.
  • Place the exercise ball in front of himself on straight arms and perform basic squats. Exercise will help to qualitatively strengthen the gluteal muscles of the buttocks and quadriceps of the thighs.
  • Lie on your back. Hold the exercise ball between your lower legs, do reverse crunches. Due to such a complicated load, you can remove fat deposits from the abdomen and hips.
  • Perform standard push-UPS by placing the feet on the fitball. In this case, the load will shift to successfully chest muscles and the shoulder girdle, so you can get a beautiful crafted hands.
  • Hyperextension on the fitball. Lie with your back on the fitball so that the feet were pressed to the floor. Hands behind your head. On the inhale lift the body about 30-40 degrees from the fitball and then return to the starting position. This is one of the best physical activity for strengthening the waist, back and simultaneous study of muscle press.
  • Fitness program is made individually, in accordance with the height and weight of the athlete and his athletic goals. If the main goal is to get rid of extra pounds, the exercise should be aerobic in nature. For this approach the hopping elements and active movement with the ball.

    If you wish to strengthen the immune system, increase muscle tone and improve General well-being, better exercise’s low impact plan: elements of yoga, callanetics, Pilates, but using an exercise ball to increase the intensity of your workouts.

    Recommendations on preparing a fitness program

    Before proceeding to the gym with fitball for weight loss and health improvement, you will need to draw up a detailed training program.

    Fitness program with the ball should be based on the principle of moderation. You can’t train every day because muscle needs to rest and not be in a permanent tension. Enough for 3-4 classes per week to maintain tone and enhance the process of weight loss.

    Exercise with a fitball recommended practice circular in the complex: elements must be performed one after another for 20-30 seconds to 5-10 cycles. If you wish, you can exercise in standard mode: according to the number of sets (3-4) and repetitions (10 to 20). At the initial stage of loading should be small, so that the body has adapted to the sports mode. Gradually the intensity of the training should be increased for best results.

    The most powerful load with fitball affect the body in combination with other physical exercises. For example, together with step aerobics, swimming or Hatha yoga you for a short time to get a trim athletic figure and successfully to maintain the current level of physical activity.

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