Fitness for your feet: exercises for buttocks and thighs


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Fitness for your feet: exercises for buttocks and thighs

The contents

  • General guidelines for the organization of fitness activities
  • The importance of conducting warm-up before fitness training
  • Basic exercises for beautiful hips and thighs

Slender thighs and a firm rounded buttocks are the advantages of the female figure, which makes her attractive to the opposite sex. But not every woman can boast of such forms, since these parts of the body in the first place localized extra fat deposits. In addition, in the absence of special physical exertion the muscles of the thighs and buttocks become flabby, which also adds to the attractiveness of female figure. It is therefore very important to regularly perform exercises to strengthen these muscle groups.

General guidelines for the organization of fitness activities

Before fitness training, women should be familiar with the rules of the organization of the training process. This is to ensure that the sessions are guaranteed to give a positive result and it does not harm anyone. Caffeine, you want to consider the following important recommendations:

  • every fitness training session, regardless of the venue and intensity provided later load, you need to start with a warm up and end with a hitch;
  • you should train regularly, adhering to the schedule, in which the muscles have the ability to recover. Usually the rest period is 48-72 hours, therefore, the fitness classes you need to carry out 2-3 times a week;
  • the intensity of the physical effects of muscles should be systematically strengthened, to avoid adaptation of muscle to stress. This can be done by increasing the number of repetitions periodically complicating the techniques and using additional weight when performing exercises;
  • if, in addition to strengthening muscles, you need to get rid of fat on thighs and buttocks, to strength training, you need to add cardio. This can be, for example, Jogging or walking, Cycling or jumping rope, depending on the condition. Against the background of such fitness is also required to reduce caloric intake to the individual daily requirement.

The importance of conducting warm-up before fitness training

The importance and benefits of warm-up perform pre-employment fitness cannot be overemphasized. From the warm-up load depends largely on the effectiveness and safety of primary. The main task of the warm-up – preparation of all body systems to work in difficult conditions due to the following processes:

  • quickens the pulse;
  • slightly increased body temperature;
  • accelerating the rhythm of breathing;
  • improves microcirculation of the blood and increases its flow to the soft tissues;
  • increases the amount produced by synovial fluid;
  • increases the elasticity of connective tissues.

Basic exercises for beautiful hips and thighs

Fitness workout for shaping your thighs and buttocks can include 4-6 element of the following complex:

  • Partial squat on one leg.

Stand up straight, put hands on waist, lift and extend one lower extremity, to stretch the stomach for better fixation of balance and a little sit down on one supporting leg. Pushing the heel into the floor, lifting from a squat. In this exercise, it is impossible to round the back and to prevent the lowering of the body in any direction. The recommended number of repetitions to 15 times on the left and right leg in each of the 2-3 approaches. Gradually the depth of the squat should increase.

  • Plies.

Standing straight, widely set foot to deploy socks to the side at an angle of 45 degrees. The hands in this exercise, you can put on your waist or hold near his chest. Stretch the abdominal muscles and buttocks, breathe in and breath down to the pelvis. When the knees formed a right angle and thighs will be horizontal with the floor, to stay in the squat for the period of exhalation. Focusing on your heels, slowly straighten up. You must perform 15 squats in each of 3-4 approaches. Making the latest iteration in the approach, you need to remain in the bottom position for 5-10 seconds before the occurrence of a burning sensation in the muscles. This additional static load increases the efficiency of fitness classes.

  • The “table” with the rise of the lower extremity.

Deeply sit down, stretch your palms to the floor behind the back and lift the pelvis so that the back was parallel to the floor and knees are bent at a right angle. Externally the trunk in this position should resemble a table. Then in exercise you need to straighten and raise one leg, pulling the toes of the foot from themselves and perform 10-15 lifts the pelvis, pushing it up by working the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Making a specified number of repetitions required to change the control of the lower limb and continue working.

  • “Boat”.

Lie on stomach, extend hands forward and inhale at the same time off the floor and the upper and lower torso, arched back and straining muscles of the buttocks. Raise the arms and legs need as high as possible, and to keep on weight as long as possible, straining muscles of buttocks and lower extremities. He felt a burning sensation in the target muscles, slowly lower arms and legs on the floor and relax. This element of fitness training need to be repeated 10-15 times.

  • Popping straight leg.

To kneel, to rest on the floor with your hands. The back should be parallel with the floor. Pull the stomach and take the lower limb back, straightening it. If the correct technique of the exercise are met, in the gluteal muscles should be palpable tension. Each leg you need to perform 30-45 such swings, dividing this number by 3 approach.

  • Pushing the bent lower limbs.

Technique this exercise is virtually indistinguishable from the previous one. The difference is that push leg back and up need without straightening the knee. The recommended number of repetitions is standard, that is 3 sets 10-15 times on left and right leg.

  • Pushing the pelvis.

Lying on back, bend knees and rest feet on the floor. Heel should be placed at a distance of 30-40 cm from the buttocks. Inhale and stretch your abdominal muscles and buttocks, and then push the pelvis up. The torso in the top of the lift should form a diagonal from knees to shoulders. Not relaxing the muscles, lower the pelvis and repeat the exercise.

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