Fitness for the trapezius muscle: the technique of sragow

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Fitness for the trapezius muscle: the technique of sragow

The contents

  • What fitness elements required to strengthen trapezoids?
  • Technique exercises to pump the muscles of the trapezoid
  • Practical advice on exercise program

Fitness involves the performance of various physical exercises designed to strengthen and develop different muscle groups. Special attention should be paid to training the trapezius muscles that support the head and spine. Exercise for the trapeze set through special training elements, called shrug.

What fitness elements required to strengthen trapezoids?

Sragi — exercise for the muscles of the back region of the neck and upper back, consisting in the movement of the blades in different directions. For efficient pumping, trapezoids, typically use a dumbbell or barbell. There are many variations to performing the specified element. The desired motion can produce standing or lying on a bench, or doing pullups on the bars.

In the composition of the trapezius muscle is isolated upper, middle and lower bundles. When you move the blades up (imitation shrugs) loaded the upper beams in a medium, when lowering the lower. For the adequate elaboration of all departments of the trapezoid should be in the fitness workouts to use different types of such movements. Sragi with a barbell in the standing position to train the upper section of the trapezoid, exercises for the muscles of the neck in a horizontal or inclined position load average Department, and shragi on the uneven bars act on the lower part.

Technique exercises to pump the muscles of the trapezoid

Analyze the technique of execution of exercises for training of all departments trapezoidal muscles.

  • Sragi with dumbbells.

To eliminate excessive strain on the spine, this fitness element is recommended to be done in the standing position without abusing a lot of weight. You must stand up straight, straightening his shoulders and tightly clasping the dumbbell with the hands, palms to the body. Then shoulders should be tightened to the maximum possible top-level and slowly return to its original position. Weight dumbbells it is recommended to select thus, to have the strength on the technical execution of 10-15 repetitions. The described movement is permitted from a sitting position. Such method of implementation should take position with a slight tilt forward. This will reduce the load on the sternoclavicular muscle.

  • Shragi the post.

You want to stand up straight, pushing your shoulders back and slightly stretched in the belt. Holding the bar in front of a direct grasp (palms away from you), you need to make lifting and slow lowering of the shoulders. If desired, you can perform the same exercise for the muscles of the upper back by placing a rod in the back. In this embodiment, the post should initially be placed on the racks at the level of the hands.

  • Shragi on the bars.

You should take the starting position on the bars, straight arms and slightly bent legs. Next, you need to produce slow movements of the torso up and down, without bending hands. After the specified number of repetitions necessary to carefully return to its original position. To perform shragi on the bars is difficult. The described movements suggest the presence of strong musculature, so new to the fitness world it is advisable to master the easier option of srage on the horizontal bar. Should adopt a sitting position at the end of the bench, leaning back on the straightened hands. You then need to lift the body and return it to its original position, without bending hands. These movements occupy a special place in the complex of exercises for the upper back, because not only intensifitsiruetsa strengthening the lower beams of the trapezoid, but also contribute to the development of correct posture.

  • Shragi on incline bench.

For a given element of fitness workout you will need dumbbells and a bench located under a tilt angle with respect to the floor level. The degree of stress on the muscles of the middle Department of the trapezoid is increased while reducing the angle of the bench. To perform this exercise for the muscles of the neck and back is required to be placed on the Board lying, stomach down. Hands with dumbbells should be freely lowered on both sides of the bench (not reaching the floor surface). The head should be placed behind the seat and slightly lower, relieving the muscles of the cervical. You need to gradually lift the dumbbells, bringing the shovels, and then return to the starting position. The described movement to do, while maintaining the immobility of the shoulders and the maximum working blades.

A set of exercises for training of a trapezoid involves running at least 10 repetitions in 2-3 sets for each element.

Practical advice on exercise program

Srgi belong to the highly effective elements of fitness, in spite of seeming simplicity and plainness of all movements. Since the line originates in the area of the spine, to avoid injury, special attention should be paid to the correct technique of execution of movements. The most common when performing this complex exercise are the following errors:

  • the rotation of the shoulders;
  • soulimane;
  • relaxation of the muscles of the shoulder girdle;
  • the redistribution of the load, the inclusion in the training process of the muscles of the arms or legs (cheating).

All of the above shortcomings increase the risk of traumatic impact on muscles, joints and tendons.

Caution should be taken to implement sragow if there are signs of degenerative disc disease or other disorders in the musculoskeletal system. You must consult the physician not to cause harm to the body.

New to the fitness world it is recommended to first training with a small weight, gradually increasing the load. All movements should be performed smoothly, strictly maintaining the breathing mode, avoiding jerks and any failures.

Taking into account all marked points, and having carefully studied the peculiarities of the techniques of performance of an element, you can start pumping muscles of the upper back and enter chrage to your individual complex of exercises.

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