Fitness for slim legs: exercises for weight loss


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Fitness for slim legs: exercises for weight loss

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  • Principles of fitness for slimming leg
  • The most effective exercises for slimming the legs
  • A plan for fitness training for the feet

Unfortunately, not all women can boast of a slender lower limbs, because of the physiology of fat deposits concentrated primarily in the lower part of the female figure. So slender legs that you can afford to wear a short skirt, is a dream of most women. To achieve this it is really, if you regularly perform exercises that strengthen the muscles of the legs and overall fat loss.

Principles of fitness for slimming leg

Women who want to make the legs slimmer, you must understand that to achieve weight loss only in the lower part of the body is impossible. The volume of adipose tissue is reduced throughout the body, and the figure becomes slimmer only, provided that you fulfill the following principles of fitness training:

  • to physical loads exerted on the body to lose weight, effective, necessary, first and foremost, to make changes in the diet. The number of calories consumed during the day should match the individual rate, calculated taking into account the anthropometric data and the amount of physical activity exerted during fitness and everyday physical activity. From the menu should not contain any harmful and high-calorie foods, replacing them with those that are rich in protein and slow carbs. In addition, it is very important to adhere to a special mode of drinking, drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. In those days, when are the fitness training, the volume of fluid may increase;
  • the basis weight loss program should be cardio. Exactly they create the most favorable conditions to enhance the fat loss process. The minimum duration of the gym with cardio needs to be half an hour, because the breakdown of fat cells starts only after 15-20 minutes of active work under conditions of fast pulse, and respiration;
  • against the background of cardio training should not give up strength training. Weight training strengthens muscles, and as a result, the figure looks more toned;
  • need to deal with regularly — 3-5 times a week depending on the nature and intensity of physical activity. Carry out heavy fitness training daily is not recommended as the muscles and other body systems need time to recover. If you do not follow periodization of loads, you can trigger overtraining. It is characterized by a stagnation of the results and the deterioration of health;
  • fitness classes need to in the morning on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal. Within an hour after a workout is not recommended to use heavy high-calorie foods;
  • before the main exercise should be a warm-up. It allows the body to prepare for the subsequent intensive work. This training will increase exercise performance and significantly reduces the risk of injury. To warm up, need to do light cardio, to work out the joints and stretch;
  • the intensity of the impact on the muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body you need to strengthen. To do this, you can increase the cardio duration or number of repetitions for each exercise, use more sophisticated technology and additional weight.

The most effective exercises for slimming the legs

The most effective exercises, which you can use to make the legs slimmer, include the following:

  • Squats.

It is possible to squat using a variety of techniques to exert pressure on all muscle groups of the lower extremities. The classic version with an average placing of the feet and lowering of the pelvis parallel to the floor evenly working on all the muscle groups. During the execution of the plie or sumo, the focus of physical impact is shifted to the inner part of the thighs. When you squat on one leg the whole load falls on the muscles of the supporting lower extremity. In this exercise, regardless of its variations, you need to keep your back straight and make sure the kneecap is not performed on socks.

  • Attacks.

Their species diversity is almost equal to squats. During exercise for legs you can do alternating walking lunges or Bulgarian, and also a variant in which first a step to the side and then drops the pelvis. In any case, this exercise should be done slowly, pausing in the bottom position for 1-2 seconds.

  • Jumping from a half squat or jumping on the hill.

These movements combine cardio and power load, so they must be included in fitness classes for weight loss in the lower extremities.

  • Abduction legs back and to the side, performed in a standing position.

These movements, despite the technical simplicity, is extremely effective to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat and strengthen the muscles of the legs.

  • Exercise “Scissors”.

It is familiar to most women since high school gym class, so difficulties with its implementation usually does not occur. For variety, cross your legs, you can not only left and right, but moving them up and down.

A plan for fitness training for the feet

For your convenience, women-beginners can use the following plan for fitness workouts, at the request of changing it to suit individual needs and preferences:

  • The warm-up. It can include walking in place or jumping rope, and a set of simple exercises such as turns and inclinations of head and body, spins and swings limbs, bending. Recommended duration of the warm up for 7-10 minutes.
  • Squats, repeat in 3 sets of 10-15 times.
  • Lunges to the side. They need to be performed in 3 passes, each of which consists of 15 moves left and right.
  • Mahi lower limbs back and to the side. This exercise is easier to perform on time, working each foot for 3-5 minutes with short breaks.
  • Hitch for stretching and relaxation of muscles.
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