Fitness for every day: exercise for weight loss

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Fitness for every day: exercise for weight loss

The contents

  • Features fitness activities
  • Fat burning exercises for each day
  • Effective workout for weight loss: helpful tips

To create the body of your dreams is quite real at home. You do not need a multi-function exercise machines and expensive equipment. However, efforts still have. To achieve good results in weight loss and muscle strengthening will help effective exercises performed during circular training. Will see what they are, and how to do home fitness, to get rid of problem areas and to sculpt the perfect body proportions.

Features fitness activities

Under the pie fat-burning training is considered to be the totality of 4-8 exercises should be performed one after the other in a few sets at a very fast pace. The break between the elements is not provided. In extreme cases it needs to be minimal. A break can only do between sets. Home fitness is recommended to practice not only with the weight of his body, but with free weights.

Exercise in circular girlsgogames the training is designed to strengthen the muscle groups of the entire body. Even if initially the goal was to develop a separate problem area, it is necessary to adjust and pay attention to all muscle groups. The more varied will be the training program, the more calories are burned during class. It is also important not to forget that weight loss is impossible without power adjustments. Therefore, before practicing home fitness, you should reconsider your diet.

The basic canons of a circular fat burning training:

  • Making complex independently include 4 to 8 exercises, both aerobic and strength.
  • Do them all at 1 cycle for each other without a pause. If this is difficult, you can rest between the elements in 10-20 seconds.
  • Complete all items on the account (by 10-20 times) or time (minimum 20 seconds).
  • Do between sets pause from 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Engage fitness for half an hour, spending 3-5 workouts per week.
  • As addiction to such loads, gradually increase the duration of training, rate of motion, increase the weight of the weights and decrease the duration of rest.
  • Circular fat burning training has recently become very popular among athletes because it has many advantages:

    • promotes intense fat burning and weight loss;
    • helps to strengthen all muscle groups, make the body, relief;
    • trains the heart, strengthens blood vessels;
    • allows you to choose to practice any of the exercises, and to regulate the load level;
    • accelerates metabolic processes in the body;
    • requires minimum number of equipment and time.

    Fat burning exercises for each day

    Listed below are exercises that promote healthy weight loss and quality of training of the muscles of the body. It is recommended to choose 1 item from each group and perform them all in a circle. If the movement is duplicated on 2 sides, it should be done in the following way: on one side 1 circle, the other in the 2nd, etc. Best items for classes home fitness:

    • for training the abdominal muscles: Jogging with high knees, some burpees, Krabik, running in a horizontal position, the bar is on straight or bent arms with jumps and raising the legs to the side, twisting single and double lifting of direct feet, “Russian twists” in a sit position;
    • for the lower limbs: jumps left and right with 180, lunges with jumps out, wide squats with jumps out, squats-sumo jumps out with;
    • slimming upper body: push-UPS — simple and pumping the triceps, the raising of the hands in different directions from a standing position in the slope, lifting weights for pumping the triceps, bench press the weights up from the shoulders;
    • exercises performed in a plank: touch your palms shoulders alternately with each hand, walking, torso twists from a classic in the side bar;
    • training legs with free weights: lunges, different variations, squats, deadlifts;
    • exercises for the lower extremities performed lying on the floor: “Scissors”, the lifting of direct feet from a position lying on its side, the knees and then straight legs out to the sides, standing on all fours, lifting the legs, standing on the bridge.

    An example of a three-day training programme for 7 days aimed at losing weight:

    First day:

    • jumping left-right;
    • touch hands shoulder joints standing in the bar on straight arms;
    • classic squats with weights;
    • simple twisting for pumping the abdominal muscles;
    • some burpees;
    • lifting of direct feet from a standing position on all fours;
    • raising free weights for the biceps.

    Second day:

    • attacks left-right;
    • running with the knees up to the chest in a horizontal position;
    • Russian twists;
    • exercise “Scissors”;
    • classic push-UPS;
    • wide squats with jumps out;
    • the side plank.

    Third day:

    • lunges with step forward;
    • push-UPS to pump the triceps;
    • the fitness element “Spider”;
    • squats-sumo jumping;
    • climbs straight arms and legs in the supine position with the touch of your toes.

    An example of a universal training program for study once all the problem areas:

  • Squats — normal and in different variations. At the initial stage of this exercise is recommended weight loss, and more — with weights.
  • Plank — regular and other variants (lateral, jumping, raising hands, feet, etc.).
  • Attacks and selegiline on the chair. It is recommended to alternate the squats and similarly later to do weights.
  • Pullups with different hand positioning. At the initial stage they can do, resting in a support.
  • Push-UPS. For young athletes it is recommended to do with support on your knees.
  • Effective workout for weight loss: helpful tips

    Whatever training program you made, if your goal is weight loss, be sure to consider the following guidelines when doing fitness:

    • before the training, always warm up, and then stretch it out;
    • always train in shoes to prevent injuries ankle;
    • do not exercise with full stomach, eat before a workout at least 1.5-2 hours;
    • drink water — 1 tbsp. before the training, 2 tbsp., and in small SIPS during classes;
    • study 1 the fitness training several muscle groups. So the classes will be held more efficiently, and weight loss harder;
    • correct food, eliminating harmful high-calorie foods and include more vegetables, fruits, berries, meat diet, low-fat dairy, dairy products.

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