Fitness for correct posture: exercises for girls


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Fitness for correct posture: exercises for girls

The contents

  • Highly effective women exercises for back
  • Model program fitness training for good posture
  • Useful tips on the exercises

Not all girls can be proud of stately bearing, as not all have a great muscular corset. Thoroughly work the spinal muscles and to get the Royal posture will help special exercises.

Exercises not only able to correct the curvature and slouching, but also promoting well-being and freedom from pain in the lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine. This happens due to the relaxation of small nerves pinched due to improper position of the body and the vertebrae. Performed the physical activities at home or in the gym. In terms of the gym to create a Royal posture there is a special group complexes.

Highly effective women exercises for back

There are many effective exercises for rehabilitation of the back and great posture. The main rule of the classroom – the lack of excessive zeal, which may lead to injury or overexertion of the muscle fibers.

Before classes begin, you should perform a warm-up with stretching elements. To warm up ideal and static’s low impact fitness workout: yoga, Pilates or callanetics. To save the results the stretching should be carried out after basic training.

  • The layout of dumbbells in an inclined position

Popular sports item good working rear and middle deltoid muscles and the trapezius, rhomboid muscles and wide back muscles. Further develop muscles-extensors, stabilizers, and rotary cuff.

Take a pair of shells in hand, stand up straight, hands lower along the body. Lean slightly forward approximately 20-30 degrees. On the inhale, dilute dumbbell in the opposite housing side, holding them parallel to the floor, and on the inhale, take the initial position.

Exercises for the back with the breeding of projectiles can be performed in a standing position and sitting. For a thorough pumping of the deltas is better to increase the number of approaches, not the number of repetitions. Carefully monitor the position of the elbows: they should be located just below the wrists. Girls to strengthen the muscle corset enough 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

  • Pull the pair of shells to the chin

Pull the dumbbells to the chin is designed to study the front delts and triceps and trapezoids. The more developed these muscles are, the more straightened the shoulders become the basis of a beautiful posture.

Take a pair of shells in the hands, feet position shoulder width of the pelvis. Straighten your back and slightly bend your arms at the elbows. On the inhale, pull up the dumbbells to your chin – around to the level of the clavicle bone, shifting the burden on the muscles, not the joints. On the exhale, take the initial position.

Do the fitness training at full amplitude with different types of seizure (direct or reverse). For women the optimum mode of training – 3-4 sets of 6-8 repetitions.

  • Pushups

Pushups are considered megacomplexes exercise with which you can develop a large part of the musculature of the human body. Back is no exception. Thanks to the push-UPS in different versions it is possible not only to get rid of slouching, but even to correct the asymmetry of the shoulders and improve gait. The most powerful push-UPS involve the front of the Delta, the widest muscles, triceps and the upper beams of the abdominal muscles.

Take the emphasis lying on the floor, place hands in a neutral setting, with palms under the shoulder joints. Firmly push the toes of the feet into the floor. Tighten the muscles of the arms, the abdominals, buttocks and back. On the inhale, lower the torso down to the lowest point possible. On the exhale, return to starting position to fully extended arms.

As the diversity of training it is possible to use different versions of push UPS:

  • from any support (wall, chair, tables, benches);
  • with a narrow formulation of the hands (the focus is shifted to the biceps and triceps);
  • with a wide setting (the focus is shifted to the Delta and chest);
  • with the knee (a simplified option for older women and newcomers);
  • from weights, dumbbells, fitball, with fixed fitness rubber band or elastic expanders (to increase the intensity of basic exercises);
  • reverse pushups (for pumping the triceps, delts and shoulders).

Novice athletes to the beautiful posture is enough 3 sets of 8 repetitions. As the adaptation of the load can be increased to 4 sets with 12-16 repetitions.

  • “Boat”

Great exercise for the back, relaxing the muscle tissue and eliminates pinching. Additionally it strengthens the muscles and the deltoid muscles. Especially shown age women wishing to prevent various diseases congestive and improve joint mobility.

Lie on the floor, the upper limbs extend forward of the bottom slack. On the inhale simultaneously lift upward on the outstretched arms and legs to their maximum height. In a static position hold for 2-3 seconds, then take its original position.

Perform the exercise in 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

  • The gluteal bridge

This physical activity effectively load the muscles of the bark, contributing to the strengthening of the lumbar back muscles and extensors. Further work the abdominal muscles, buttocks and calf area. The load is gentle, so is suitable for fitness workouts women of any age.

Lie on the floor, legs slightly bend. Hands pull along the body, shoulder press to the floor. On the inhale, lift the hip to an extremely high point. Outstretched arms to use as a prop. Softservices in a static position for 2-3 seconds, then return to starting position.

Run the item in 3-4 runs for 10 to 12 repetitions.

Model program fitness training for good posture

To get the ideal posture, you can refer to the model complexes fitness exercises for women.

Basic strength training to strengthen the core muscles can be built by the following program:

  • the base of vis on the crossbar (4×10);
  • standard push-UPS with a neutral statement (3х8);
  • pull the pair of shells to the chin in the slope (4×10);
  • “boat” (3×10);
  • gluteal bridge (4×10);
  • pushups from knees (3х8);
  • the layout of dumbbells in a standing position (3×10).

Useful tips on the exercises

To the training is the most effective, you should follow some important recommendations.

  • Get Royal posture not only effective, but also quickly allow a variety of fitness training equipment. It is possible to use, for example, crossover unit, rowing machines, rod with a blank fretboard.
  • Girls no need to get carried away by heavy shells. To achieve a perfectly flat back is sufficient to use dumbbells 2-3 kg, and conduct training with own weight.
  • Regularly working out 2-3 times a week, after 2 months from the start of classes, you will see the first results: back muscles become strong, will I lose unsightly podopechnye folds, shoulders, get rid of asymmetry, and posture will be smooth.
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