Fitness bodyflex: pros and cons


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Fitness bodyflex: pros and cons

The contents

  • Bodyflex is a unique fitness trend
  • The essence of exercises bodyflex
  • Rules respiratory fitness training
  • The effectiveness of the body Flex
  • Cons of breathing exercises on the system bodyflex
  • Benefits respiratory fitness

Each fitness system has its own disadvantages and advantages that distinguish it among other sports fields. The same applies to the Flex — one of the advanced breathing practices.

Bodyflex is a unique fitness trend

The concept of bodyflex mostly known only to the young generation, mainly female. All because these specific exercises were designed specifically for women who want to quickly tidy shape without grueling training, and without the presence of serious weight training.

Fitness training on the system bodyflex involves mainly the abdominal muscles as the technique is based on the retraction of the abdomen, tension of the abdominal muscles and breath.

Initially, the Flex is positioned as an offshoot of home fitness, which Housewives could practice literally without stopping execution of home Affairs.

The Creator of this system assures that regular use of the exercises bodyflex helps women to effectively burn excess body fat, with the ability to become smaller by as much as 10 sizes.

In the system bodyflex predominately respiratory and isometric elements, so the load can be attributed to the class’s low impact and more gentle.

The essence of exercises bodyflex

The main element bodyflex — retraction of the abdomen (vacuum) and holding the breath for as long as possible. However, this respiratory complex is not limited, since there are different variations of vacuum-loading:

  • standing;
  • sitting;
  • on all fours;
  • lying;
  • in vis on the crossbar;
  • drawing on the wall;
  • in the strap.

The main condition of success — the correct breath by a special technique. An ordinary person breathes in the chest, and in order to hyperventilating and all the body’s cells saturated with oxygen, it is necessary to switch to diaphragmatic breathing. This means that the breath should rise up the abdominal area not the chest.

Start exercising respiratory fitness from the standing position, gradually contributing to the diversity of the complex.

  • Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, put your hands on your hips.
  • Fill the lungs with air to its maximum limit.
  • With the power exhale.
  • Inhale again, moving the air to the diaphragm.
  • The maximum exhale air out of the stomach and lungs at a rapid pace.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles to the limit and pull in the stomach muscles to become visible ribs.
  • Hold in this position for a few seconds. Gradually increase the duration of breath-holding.
  • Rules respiratory fitness training

    To fitness training on the system bodyflex proved to be effective, you must follow important rules and to follow the advice of experts.

  • Before starting the breathing exercise, perform stretching muscles and do some exercises to warm up the ligaments, joints and tendons.
  • At home to do bodyflex is recommended 4-5 times per week. If classes are conducted in group mode, it is enough to 2 workouts a week. To change the number of classes can be individually depending on personal need and fitness level.
  • Beginners first practice at home is recommended using video tutorials to master the technique of body Flex.
  • All movements, including respiratory items, must be made gradually but rhythmically.
  • You should train on an empty stomach, so the last meal before the Flex needs to be 2 hours and after meals to repeat training will be possible only after 2.5-3 hours.
  • To breathe through the nose without using the mouth.
  • The effectiveness of the body Flex

    For some time the effectiveness of the body Flex has been questioned. It was connected with new fitness trends and the fact that the respiratory loads are not yet established themselves in the post-Soviet space. It was believed that without running or power loads to get rid of excess pounds is almost impossible.

    However, after the page appeared in modern gyms and specialists in this area began to offer their services, many skeptics have changed. And indeed, subject to the rules and strict regimen, especially in combination with proper nutrition, the body Flex helps to lose weight within a few weeks.

    For many people who have no time for morning and evening fitness workout, the body Flex has become a substitute for morning exercises. Just 15 minutes of simple breathing exercises after you Wake up will bring enormous benefits, especially in the absence of other sporting activities.

    Cons of breathing exercises on the system bodyflex

    Despite the fact that breathing low-intensity and load do not require serious physical effort, some categories of people should be treated with caution.

    It is not recommended to refer to the exercises on the system bodyflex following groups:

    • pregnant women;
    • people with acute diseases of abdominal cavity organs;
    • patients with chronic diseases of the respiratory system in the acute stage;
    • patients in the period after surgical interventions and operations.

    In all other cases of restrictions on employment no. However, before the beginning of training are advised to contact the physician in order to exclude all possible consequences.

    In addition to having a minimum list of contraindications, the body Flex is the right choice.

    • slow fat loss;
    • the ability to return extra pounds failure to follow the diet;
    • possible fatigue in the absence of rest between fitness workouts.

    Benefits respiratory fitness

    Deficiencies in body Flex is much less than pluses. It is for this reason respiratory fitness prefer women of all ages. The main advantages of Flex:

    • relaxing effect on the body;
    • maintaining muscle stomach and core in shape;
    • effective weight loss, especially in problem areas (hips, area of the peritoneum);
    • activation of oxygen metabolism in all cells of the body;
    • accelerate blood circulation and lymph flow, including in the pelvic area;
    • prevention of diseases of the respiratory system;
    • prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

    Despite the fact that the Flex is a fairly simple and affordable load, even some breathing exercises can be limited in implementation. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully figure out who should do breathing exercises, and who better to refrain from this kind of stress.

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