Expander for fitness: selection rules

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Expander for fitness: selection rules

Expander for fitness – effective trainer who will help at home to strengthen all muscle groups. Furthermore, such apparatus is not so expensive. The uniqueness of the expander is that it is effective for training both men and women. But, despite the seeming simplicity, before purchasing this equipment, you should familiarize yourself with several important rules.

The types of swimwear

Depending on the impact on human health and the muscle groups involved in exercise, there are several types of the sports projectile.

  • Manual – divided into two classes. Expander for brush helps to develop finger strength. It suggest to use everyone who during the day works a lot with the hands (office workers, musicians, sculptors, etc.). The most popular option – a ring with different degrees of resistance. There are other types: cocoon, tongs, balls. Shoulder chest expander for fitness helps to train not only the shoulder muscles but also chest. Most often it is represented by a spring or elastic band.
  • Chest expander affects the muscles of the shoulders, back, chest, and triceps and biceps. The main types are: cords of rubber, supplemented by the handles, springs made of metal and elastic rings.
  • Foot expander for fitness equipment used to strengthen the gluteal, calf and thigh muscles. Usually it’s the elastic eights and double cords that allows to fix the foot on the principle of the cuffs.

Selection rules

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and wish to use the chest expander for fitness, should be at his choice to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the manufacturer should be widely known in sporting circles. It is a guarantee of quality of purchased equipment. Lifespan of low-quality swimwear is much lower. In addition, cracked during a workout, it can cause injury;
  • the degree of hardness is the force required for full compression of the expander. Can vary from 5 to 100 kg. most Often, the expander, the figure is marked with numbers 1-3, 1 being minimum and 3 maximum rigidity;
  • the integrity of parts of rubber: of a try before you buy the expander, to stretch it. This should not appear strips and cracks. Positive feature is the availability of additional coverage. In this case, even if the inner rubber part of the burst, it will protect you from injury;
  • test expander in the store will help to determine the level of individual loads. For full compression of the projectile it is necessary to make average efforts. The best to purchase is the expander with an adjustable level of hardness;
  • adults can use a metal expanders, the younger generation is more suitable rubber;
  • color expander, made in the form of a tape, to determine the degree of training of those who can use. Yellow and pink are suitable for beginners, green for intermediate level of preparedness, red for advanced, blue, black or purple – for professionals;
  • not to buy the kits – most of the tips are almost never used.

During workouts with an expander, you can enable imagination and come up with a huge amount of exercise. It is important not to forget to regularly check the projectile. Remember: any damage to the product can cause injury. In that case, if the expander was spoiled before the expiration date, must redeem in the store.

Exercises with rubber expanders for all muscle groups

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