Dmitro Voevodchuk leaves the competition for a long time

IFBB ELITE PRO Dmitry Voevodchuk

IFBB ELITE PRO Kharkov professional Dmitry Dmytro Voievodchuck, who performs in the beach bodybuilding category, leaves the competition stage. The athlete reported this on his Instagram page under the photograph below:

The day before the scene comes # arnoldclassic2019.
This was my last exit this year, and maybe next year too😏
I wish all Ukrainian athletes and my acquaintances from other countries a successful performance at the ChU and the World Cup. Let the strongest win 👌🏻 P.S. This preparation is an invaluable experience! He who does not make mistakes does not achieve what he wants.

Although in the summer Voevodchuk wished and burned with this main performance of the season at the central IFBB Elite Pro World Championships:

One of the most important starts this season will be held on November 1-3 in Tarragona🏆🔥 There will be about 30 athletes and a very tight fight in full force 😈 I’m waiting for this championship more than my birthday

Also, the Ukrainian champion talked about time:

Recently, I realized that I am already 23 and time goes faster and faster! For someone, this age is just “another 23 😏 😏, but for me every day I live without fulfilled goals and objectives is lost. Many people think that before 30 years of age, youth is on, you need to walk, relax, do what the soul does. But 90% do not even think about it, and what after 30? 🤔 Probably there will immediately be an apartment, a car, a loving wife (husband) and 2 beautiful children? 😂 Yes, the paradox is that this will not happen if you do not “set the stage” for this!
Think about it, maybe stop kicking *** and is it worth it to get down to business? Maybe you should invest all your free time in your development and increase of skills and knowledge? Oh yes, I forgot to clarify, it will be difficult! But it’s difficult, it’s only a stage that can be overcome. ОднаLife alone, it goes away every day. Parents are aging, we are growing up, time is running forward. Do it yourself! Do it now! Spend at least 10-15 years on perseverance and perseverance in its construction and enjoy the remaining years exactly as you dreamed

Dmitry’s plans include a large set of muscle volumes and an athlete’s weight can grow, according to him, up to 105 kg, as well as an increase in strength indicators (200 kg bench press, 250 kg deadlift, 250 kg squat). Very opportunely to these prospects was the conclusion by the Governor of the contract for sports nutrition ambassador SAN Nutrition.


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