Dexter Jackson in topical form for the Classic Chris Cormier

A statuette of Sandow for 2008 Dexter Jackson (Dexter Jackson) is nicknamed “Razor” demonstrated in front of an audience this weekend its actual physical form. This guest posing athlete supported initiatives in conducting their competitions, according to him, “big brother” Chris Cormier (Chris Cormier). Chris on the sixth decade of the first organized tournament of his name Chris Cormier Classic, 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin under the auspices of the Federation National Physique Committee. Like Dexter said on the Instagram page:

Was a terrific guest posing, which was held tonight on the show big brother. @_chriscormier classic. Congratulations on your first show Big bro. I’m so happy for you!

Recall that, in spite of the taken only the seventh place on the show Mr. Olympia 2018, Jackson included in the list of qualified athletes in Las Vegas this fall. In some sources there was information about training Dexter for presentation at the Tampa Pro in August 2019.

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