Detailed plan for Flex Lewis at Olympia 2020

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Flex Lewis decided to move from the 212 lb lightweight division to the open division, winning seven Mr. Olympia titles. So Flex realized that he needed to pass a more difficult test and develop further. Moving into the heavy class, Lewis will become one of the shortest athletes on the stage in Las Vegas. But at the same time, he promises to stand out as a bodybuilder with a well-balanced physique. It is already predicted that Flex will enter the top three at Mr. Olympia 2020. His trainer Neil Hill has unveiled his plan for the Dragon to fight for the top Mr. Olympia title in December. In his latest post on social media, Neil Hill gives a detailed description of what he had planned for Lewis by the week: So for the past 8 weeks, we have kept nutrition at a fairly low level, which allowed Flex's body to really rest and his digestive system was super cleared for us to start a full off season in just 2 weeks. * Then, after 14 weeks, we begin our full pre-competition preparation, where his body becomes hypersensitive to start growing for the show, no longer making weight restrictions, now it all comes down to bringing something extraordinary to the stage. * He has added 12 pounds so far and looks slimmer than previous forms. It was a very positive time away from the scene for the # y3t athlete @ flex_lewis team. * We look forward to presenting a new immersive Las Vegas look in 2020 @mrolympiallc

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