Dennis Wolf and his wife will become US citizens

Dennis Wolf Dennis Wolf
Dennis Wolf and his wife Catherine wish for US citizenship and they have come a long way to become citizens of the United States. However, it seems that the wait will end soon, as he and his wife hope to pass the citizenship exam in the near future. For more than 20 years, Wolf acted as a competing bodybuilder. He participated in almost every high-end pro-tournament from Arnold Classic to Olympia. Moreover, he was quite successful, winning Arnold and entering the TOP-3 at Olympia. Athletes such as Dennis often do not have US citizenship, but are still active in the United States. The German bodybuilder has long and actively sought the citizenship of this country. It seems that at the end of the tunnel there is now light for Wolf in terms of his chances of citizenship. According to an Instagram post from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, he and his wife are preparing to take a naturalization test and exam for those seeking citizenship to demonstrate their knowledge of American history, politics, and customs. If they manage to pass this test, the couple will be a big step closer to achieving their goal:

“Another important step in our life … We will soon become Americans”

If they succeed, it will be a huge achievement for Wolf and his wife. Living in the United States is quite difficult, given that there is always concern that your work visa will not be extended and you will be forced to return to your homeland. However, if they can obtain this citizenship, this will no longer be a problem for them.
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