Dancing fitness for weight loss: types of dances and the benefits of exercises

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Dancing fitness for weight loss: types of dances and the benefits of exercises

The contents

  • The types of dance fitness
  • The benefits of Oriental dance
  • Slender body at home
  • Belly dance for weight loss
  • How to make dance training more effective

Today, for many, fitness has become a useful habit. Some people like to study alone in the gym, others prefer group classes to music. Many girls especially the popular varieties of dance fitness. The graceful movements of Oriental dancers became the basis of a separate sport called bèllidèns. It develops the elasticity and coordination and also gives you an intense aerobic exercise, allowing you to become slimmer. Therefore, regular workouts help improve mood and to lose weight. Consider who is belly dancing, and whether using them to lose weight quickly.

The types of dance fitness

The most popular areas of dance fitness are:

  • Oriental dance;
  • LT;
  • strip-dance (strip of plastic);
  • club dance and hip-hop.

These are the main currents that often are divided into even narrower areas. Among this diversity, any novice will be able to choose the most suitable occupation. Thus it is necessary to focus not only on musical preferences. You need to define your goals, consider the fitness level and age.

  • Strip dance is a smooth erotic movements to slow music. Activities develop stretching, flexibility, let you become not only more beautiful but more confident. More athletic offshoot of this trend is the pole dancing. There will need strength and excellent coordination of movements.
  • Fiery latina will appeal to fans of South American dances — salsa, bachata, Samba, cha-cha-cha. Constant movement without stopping to increased aerobic exercise. Due to the high pace such exercises not only help strengthen muscles but also to quickly lose weight.
  • Oriental dance choose women of all ages. Their popularity is due not only to the beauty of music and graceful dancers. This is the direction of the dance is very useful for the female body.
  • The benefits of Oriental dance

    Based bèllidèns are active movements of the hips, buttocks and stomach. In addition, the dancers rotate around its axis, slowly move my arms and head. This is the direction of the dance can bring real benefits to those involved in them regularly.

  • During the dance uses the whole body. Evenly developed arms, abs, back, legs.
  • Feature bèllidèns are mesmerizing movement of her hips. Doctors say their positive effect on female reproductive system. Oriental dance improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increases libido.
  • High-paced and active movement contribute to weight loss.
  • Oriental dance improves flexibility, coordination of movements, trains vestibular apparatus. The need to memorize complicated dance chords develops memory.
  • Classes under Arabic rhythms and melodies enhance the mood. Typically, the workout flies by.
  • You can dance in a group and independently. Having to go to the fitness center. You can find the online training and study at home.
  • Classes bèllidèns available to everyone. They do not need special equipment.
  • Slender body at home

    If training on the pylon is rather difficult to arrange at home, then engaged in Eastern dances and outside of the gym.

    There are special videos for lovers bèllidèns adapted for performers of all skill levels. If you have never danced before, start with the first step, to master basic steps and movements. Further, the complexity will increase as your confidence and self-esteem.

    The muscles will become stronger, the body becomes flexible and slender. The main thing is to practice regularly and not to drop out if something didn’t work the first time. Is to persevere and not to give up the dream of health and harmony.

    Belly dance for weight loss

    Many girls choose Oriental dance to lose weight. But in this case, we need to realize that dance classes produce results as quickly as other aerobic exercise.

    Regular dance training affect different parts of the body gradually. With belly dance the muscles are strengthened and fat is reduced. It will be noticeable, especially in the troubled areas.

    After a couple of months of regular exercise waist will become slimmer, thighs and buttocks will gain elasticity, and the arms and shoulders — expression. Weight loss with belly dance is not very fast, but the result will stay with you forever.

    How to make dance training more effective

    To classes bèllidèns brought the maximum effect, you must observe the following rules.

  • To accelerate weight loss is possible, if you combine the classes in Oriental dance with more intense aerobic exercise. This training system will help develop the muscles and plastic with simultaneous combustion of fat.
  • Doing at home, carefully follow the movements of the coach. If you are a beginner, some bundles may seem too complicated. Do not despair. Perhaps the first lesson will have to repeat the same PA over and over again. But then you will master even the most complex movements. The main thing — not to lose concentration and patience.
  • The main goal in the classroom should be, not the weight loss, and the dance itself. This approach helps to train in a good mood, regardless of the numbers on the scales. Treat bèllidèns as to creativity, where the body is your instrument of expression. Then the session will pass quickly, and after it you will feel uplifted.
  • As in any form of fitness, classes belly dance is an important regularity. If you dance 2-3 times a week, you can quite quickly see how volumes are reduced and the muscles become elastic.
  • If the main purpose of the dance classes — weight loss will have to change and the usual diets. It is necessary to avoid simple carbohydrates, TRANS fats, and foods containing preservatives. The diet should be complete with sufficient number of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. To speed up metabolism you need to drink a lot.
  • Before you start the belly dancing class, consult your doctor. Some diseases of the spine, joints, heart and blood vessels are contraindications for active training. To do during pregnancy is also not recommended.
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