Coach William Bonak responded to scandalous accusations

Neil Yoda Hill

The most famous bodybuilding trainers currently are Hani Rambaud, George Farah, Chris Aceto and Neil Hill. The last of them coached by Flex Lewis, Big Rami Mamdu, Rayan Terry, Blessing Audiba, Steve Laures, John Delaross, Alex Cambronero, William Bonac. But yesterday, Bonak abandoned his services in a very emotional video, accusing Hill of parasitism on his successes. The main reason for William’s refusal of Yoda’s services was money, or rather the proportions from his fees, which he paid by agreement to his coach. Initially, it was 40%, then Bonak reduced payments to 20%, but this immediately affected the quality of the training. Neil, according to the athlete, limited his participation to only the requirement of photographs of its current form. Bonak told in a video that he needed money and his home was not good enough for his family. He finished his story with a scandalous “fu * k you”.
Neil Hill told the information for his part of the conflict, saying that initially he helped the athlete for free, and then took 20%, but he attracted sponsors on his own. He also noted the scandalous nature of his ward, a predilection for legal drugs and frequent manifestations of disrespect for a number of bodybuilding personalities and his other students.
On whatever side the bitter truth was, experts agree that by firing a specialist at this level, Bonak greatly reduced his chances in such a short time before the Mr. Olympia show in 2019.

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