Change qualification window to Mr. Olympia 2020

Mr. Olympia 2020
Due to the increase in the number of canceled sporting events, there were concerns about the timely qualifications for Mr. 2020 Olympia. Now, the organizers have offered athletes updated information on what they can expect. Olympia is one of the largest events in bodybuilding. Therefore, there was concern when it turned out that many bodybuilding tournaments, as well as other sports events, were canceled or postponed ( reported this). This became even more relevant when it was announced that all IFBB Pro and NPC events would not be held for several months. At the moment, it is expected that Olympia 2020 will take place, as planned. However, there was still concern that the athletes would not have enough time to participate in the show. According to an Instagram post from officials in charge of Mr. Olympia 2020, qualification window was extended until August 29:

“In order to take into account the numerous changes in the schedule associated with the events of the IFBB Professional League, Olympia extends the deadline for the qualification period of this year, including all qualifying competitions until August 29th. Please refer to the official IFBB schedule for an updated list of events prior to the Olympia Weekend (September 10-13 / Las Vegas).
-Olympia Headquarters / IFBB Pro League Offices »

This is certainly good news for those who wanted to participate in Olympia. Obviously, the situation is constantly changing, so even this information can then change. In any case, at the moment it is still moving forward at a good pace. With the return of the Miss Olympia nomination, as well as the new owner of the company, there is much that is interesting to expect this year. We hope that by that time the state of the sports world will be much better, and there will be no further delays. . (tagsToTranslate) qualification (t) Mr. Olympia 2020

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