Celery for weight loss: ways to use and popular recipes

Celery for weight loss is an indispensable vegetable, although not everyone likes it. This is not only a product that generally has a positive effect on the body. It normalizes the digestive system and promotes active fat burning. Celery is considered to be a product with a negative calorie content, since the body spends more energy on the digestion of this vegetable than it receives from its use. It is worth noting another plus of eating celery – it can be eaten raw and willow, and heat-treated.

How celery affects weight loss

The main distinguishing feature of celery is its help in cleansing the body, it has a large number of vitamins and macrocells. The vegetable has a slight laxative effect, activates the production of gastric juice. All this stimulates the processing of food and frees the intestines from stagnation of food. Another no less important feature is that the vegetable may well help to remove swelling. Nutritionists say that to prevent obesity, you should drink half a glass of freshly squeezed celery juice daily, while it can be diluted with others – apple or carrot. Various diets based on celery soup are also effective. They last no more than two weeks. Soup is allowed to combine with other components. For example, with milk, fruit and meat. With such a diet, it is quite possible to lose about 5 kg per week, and all because celery will keep body weight under control.

Celery Slimming

Benefits for the body

Celery is used not only as a way to lose weight. It has a positive effect on the smooth operation of the body as a whole. Enter celery in your diet, if you want the general tone of the body to increase, nerves calm down and insomnia disappear. It contains an incredible amount of useful components that significantly reduce the level of stress hormones, as well as stress relieving oils. A vegetable has a positive effect on the skin (it can slow its aging), hair due to the mineral elements contained in it, for example, iron and calcium.

Celery can also be useful in cardiovascular diseases. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, as it contains phosphorus and magnesium. Thanks to vitamin C, which is also found in vegetables, celery normalizes blood pressure. It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of celery for the female body, as it helps with painful menstruation and menopause. Doctors advise to use a vegetable for hormonal disruptions.

Celery Slimming Recipes

This is a fairly spicy vegetable. It attracts a piquant taste.

Dishes, in which celery occupies a central place, are undoubtedly worth introducing into your diet.

Pineapple Salad

All that is needed for the dish is peeled celery root, pineapple cubes, greens, boiled chicken meat, sour cream and salt to taste. Dice chicken, grate celery. Then mix with fruit cubes, add some spices and season with sour cream. This low-calorie salad is a great breakfast.

Celery cocktail

This drink not only fills your body with vitamins, but also allows you not to lose energy throughout the day. For cooking, you need half a kilogram of celery, 250 gr. apples, 200 ml of juice from tomatoes. First you need to peel apples and celery and squeeze juice out of them. Next, mix it with tomato juice. Preparation of a cocktail takes only 15 minutes, and a charge of vigor after drinking it will be enough for the whole day.

Celery is a unique product that not only allows you to lose extra pounds, but also maintain the whole body in tone. Especially the vegetable is useful for girls. Adherence to a not strict, but effective diet, based on simple and healthy celery dishes, will allow you to feel lightness and energy throughout the day.


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