Blessing Avodibu at crazy home workout

Nigerian Blessing Awodibu was planning to make his debut as an IFBB Professional League professional in March at the Arnold Classic Australia 2020 festival. But due to circumstances, all bodybuilding tournaments were canceled or rescheduled ( about this). The athlete can only pose virtually before the chief referee of Olympia, Steve Weinberger (Steve Weinberger), demonstrating the prepared form for the failed Australian derby.

And further more, it seems that Blessing became even more crazy during the quarantine period of being at home. He again found a funny way to release part of his indefatigable energy and laughed a little at home athletes. He posted this humor on Instagram and it instantly became viral. The video shows how he lets off steam when he had to get stuck at home instead of training in a sports club. To say that he does this in a fascinating way would be a huge understatement. Avodibu continues to show again and again that he is one of the most spectacular figures in this sport. Although Blessing recently broke up with his trainer Neil Hill, he can find a way to maintain fitness energy, despite how hard it can be in quarantine.

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