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Ashley kaltwasser
Ashley Kaltwasser, three-time Olympic bikini winner, had to undergo eye surgery to correct her vision problem. Ashley has had strabismus problems since May 2019. Even during Olympia 2019, she literally saw a double when she went to the competitive scene. If you follow Ashley on her social networks, you may wonder why she always wore sunglasses last year. Kaltwasser finally went to surgery to fix this problem. Bikinist constantly updates information for her fans on the official page on YouTube and on social networks. Ashley explained in detail all her trials:

Probably the most unflattering photo of mine I will ever post LOL.
Strabismus surgery completed
* For information, strabismus surgery consists in aligning the eyes to see directly (this is not a LASIK operation). They perform this operation by cutting and squeezing the small muscles of the eye with soluble threads *
This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Fortunately, it has a high success rate, which is promising. Although at present it seems to me that glass fragments are visible in my eyes. Since May 2019, I have had double vision 24/7, which continued to deteriorate. It was a rather miserable experience, as my overall vision, deep perception, and physical vision continued to decline. Although this operation hit right in the middle of preparing for the tournament, IT SHOULD BE DONE! ,
Now it's time to relax, relax … sleep as much as possible. If you know me, I hate sitting still. So it will be by all means!
I know that you are wondering, “Ashley, what caused this?” Well, the reason is unknown … and I must mention, before moving on, there is no such thing as an adult's "lazy" eye (so you guys are safe). In my particular case, it is likely that I always had a MISFEED bias, almost imperceptible. And then an event, such as a sinus infection, could weaken the eye muscle even more, and basically it somehow spilled out (something like a strange accident or situation). When the right eye became weirder, the left one became weaker, which is why my eyes cannot work together in harmony, which causes double vision (although I underwent surgery on two eyes to get more accurate vision). Another theory relates to a specific retinol-based acne cream that was prescribed by my dermatologist. This cream has rare but documented cases of double vision as a reaction / side effect.
But yes, I just wanted to give you all the updates. I am just glad of all the support and best wishes. It really makes me so happy that my little red eyes are watery (which I shouldn't do right now, because my tears actually burn, laughs). Again guys, thanks for the continued support and care. I am so grateful. – Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley is still hoping to recover in time to compete in the 2020 Arnold Classic USA. Fans wish Ashley a speedy recovery and that she will return to making great videos and will be on the professional stage very soon!
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