Anthony Velent showed shocking photos of torn biceps

Antoine vaillant

Antoine Vaillant, a member of the open IFBB Pro bodybuilding category, injured his biceps in May of this year after moving a heavy object in a sports club, and he even posted his recovery path on a YouTube channel. It was a difficult year for the Canadian athlete, because he missed all the competitions to qualify for Olympia 2019. Anthony posted on Instagram photos that showed how his biceps recovery looked and warned that they were not for the squeamish.

" WARNING! Images ⚠️ Multiple photos. Some before surgery, after surgery.

The biceps tendon tore off the bone of the forearm, reattached it, causing the surgeon to drill a hole in this bone, pulling the tendon back through the hole, putting the anchor on the other side and attaching everything with a special seam.

Looking back at these pictures, I understand where I am now, even if I have not yet been 100% restored. This photoset gives me another great reason to return! Chased! @ redcon1, by the way, this happened in May.

Velent is an impressive bodybuilder whom fans from Canada and not only hope to see on the competitive stage as soon as he is fully recovered and ready.

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