Answers Oleg Kryvoho to questions from the forum IronFlex

As we announced earlier, Ukrainian bodybuilder in the 212 lb category and professional in the IFBB professional League Professional League Kryvyi Oleg (Oleh Kryvyi) took the time to answer the questions of the users of the forum who came to our first athlete qualified for the Central show of the season is Mr. Olympia 2019. A total of were selected the following ten questions:

1) What is the goal set for myself at the Olympia, top 10, top 6, top 3…

The main goal is to show up and to make the form! For a place to talk before, as I have never been there..and so the line of athletes was not)

2) are There any plans to tighten in Ukraine some NPC shny tournament, Ala Kryvyi Classic?

To make a tournament – no problem. The problem is to find funding for such a tournament, and it’s from $ 50 million this includes prize Fund, franchise fees, and if qualified for the Olympia, then great! Organizatsionnye spending and spending on placement of judges, etc. whether to do it here.. too early to tell.

3) what’s Your opinion about the uncrowned Hadi Cupana

Hadi really impressed me as an athlete. I consider it the best in this category!

4) are There any plans to move to America to accelerate in ranking or about the importance of this is exaggerated?

Do not plan to. My whole life is connected with Ukraine! Even if it were, I would have left this country yet! The main thing – do the form and push no you will not because you live in Ukraine…Prime example is William Bonac, who lives in the Netherlands and is a top athlete!

5) the Top 5 sports supplements and their share in the daily diet and normal PFC.

Vitamins, omega 3, protein, the BCA, cyclodextrin

6) disaster Recovery in BB (massage, sauna, cryo-sauna, pool, stretching, etc.) How important in the preparation and on what to focus with a limited budget?

I personally on a regular basis doing massage (3 times a week) and stretching (20 min after each workout) Also in the recovery plan use the COMPEX electrostimulator 8.0…

7) the Approximate amount of protein and fat in g per kg in the offseason and in training

Collection-2,5-0,73-4…diet 31-1,5a 1.5..but everything is relative…always look at the form…sometimes less, sometimes more…

8) the Importance of posing to give the muscle density and depth, personal observations.

A very big role…include this procedure on the preparation on a regular basis!

9) the Importance of sleep (optimal amount of daytime sleep) and ways to improve its quality.

A day on preparing sleep 8 hours at night and 2-3 hours during the day after a workout. Taking supplements such as GABA, Melatonin, 5-Htp.

10) Incredible vascularity, genetics or “secret chips”, and a few ways to improve this figure.

Genetics is the main thing, well and constant control of the form. The skin should be very thin, and the veins are visible!)

Thank you for the opportunity to talk with Oleg of our forumchanin Jaroslav Babich!

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