Amino acids for weight loss: why we need and how to take?

If there is not enough protein in the body, then the struggle with excess weight will be a laborious and non-productive process. Reception of special additives allows you to lose fat and gain muscle mass. Therefore, in gyms it is recommended to take amino acids for weight loss. It is necessary to use according to recommendations of the expert, or the instruction. Non-compliance with the dosage or violation of the rules of admission is fraught with health problems.

Important information

Protein consists of amino acids and is directly related to human health and life, the formation of muscle mass and the process of losing weight. protein can be obtained from ordinary plant and animal foods. However, the best option is sports nutrition, because it contains purified substances that are characterized by better absorption and speed of action.

Advantages and disadvantages

Amino acids, like other drugs for weight loss, have a number of pros and cons. Side effects can occur only if the dosage and rules of use are violated. Amino acids help the body get rid of excessive weight due to decreased appetite and increased physical activity.

Main advantages:

The absence of catabolic destruction, as the substances act only on subcutaneous fat.
Increase libido and slow the aging process of the skin.
Antioxidant effects.
Improving brain activity and metabolism.
Strengthening the immune system.
Recovery of biochemical reactions.
Increased endurance during sports, which contributes to the accelerated process of burning fat layers.


Reduced performance of the cardiovascular system.
The digestive system is also at risk.
Impaired kidney and liver.
It has a negative effect on the central nervous system.

girl kneads amino acids

Side effects

Incorrect medication leads to negative manifestations:

disorders in the cardiovascular system;
deterioration of digestion:
violation of the kidneys and liver;

If a person has health problems, then there will be side effects. For example, the host has diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastritis or an ulcer, then amino acids will only aggravate the situation.


The market offers a wide range of dietary supplements, which differ in composition and action. Consider briefly common supplements that are aimed at reducing weight.

Tyrosine suppresses the appetite, speeding up the body's metabolism.
VSAA with proper diet and taking the drug prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue.
Leucine is one of the most powerful supplements that helps the body not to feel hungry for a long time, as well as build muscle, reduce body fat.
L-carnitine does not allow fat to be delayed, improves the functioning of the heart muscle and muscle growth.
Glutamine is most often prescribed for a female audience. Advantages of reception: immunity increase, elimination of fats.

How to use

Before you start taking the supplement, consult your doctor to find:

the type and form of supplements;

amino acids in hands

Terms of use, depending on the form

In capsules:

taking capsules 20 minutes before meals, after exercise after 20 minutes and half an hour before bedtime;
only 2 capsules can be taken at a time;
the maximum number of receptions – 4 times a day;
Be sure to follow the dosage indicated on the package;
wash down the capsules with water.


3 to 5 tablets are taken before training, after it a maximum of 6;
up to 4 tablets taken in between meals;
maximum drug intake – 5 times a day;
drink only water.

Liquid amino acids:

40 ml are taken up to 5 times in 24 hours;
absorption in the body is faster than from powder supplements.

In powder form:

as tablets, take 20 minutes before taking a meal, but immediately after sports activities and before bedtime;
powder additives are diluted with water;
Be sure to follow the dosage of the powder.

different types of amino acids

Amino acid content in foods

If you do not want to take synthetic means, use an alternative – eat certain foods:

Valine is found in meat and dairy products, as well as in cereals and legumes.
Leucine in legumes, in meat and fish, in brown rice.
Lysine can be replaced by using a dairy kitchen and cereals.
The presence of tryptophan in sesame, bananas and dates.
Threonine can be found in eggs and milk.
Methionine is only in the dairy menu.
All amino acids in the complex are in peas, beef and chicken eggs.

How to choose amino acids in pharmacies

Means for weight loss can be bought at the pharmacy and at a specialized sports nutrition store. When choosing a drug, you should pay attention not only to the manufacturer, but also the composition. For example, some amino acids are intended for the female, and others are for the male.

How to choose:

For girls in the composition must be present component L-arginine, L-carnitine or L-glutamine.
Before buying a supplement, you should go to a doctor for advice.
The package must be written dosage and the number of receptions per day.
Pay attention to the price. Too expensive – does not always mean "good."
Expiration date and damage on packaging.
Any additive has a bitter taste.
It is not enough just to take the drug. It is necessary to follow a diet and play sports to achieve the effect.

For different categories of people there is a dosage and composition of amino acids. In order to prevent the deterioration of health and side effects, you need to consult a specialist.


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