Alexander Slobodyanyuk celebrates his birthday

Alexander Slobodyanyuk

Bodybuilder in the Men's Bodybuilding weight category up to 212 lb from Ukraine Alexander Slobodyanuk celebrates his birthday. The athlete successfully performs in the IFBB Professional League under the leadership of Jim Manion. Now Alexander is forty-three years old and, as he wrote on his profile page on Instagram:

The boundaries of the possible are determined by ourselves!
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Unfortunately for all Slobodianyuk fans, Odessa does not plan to perform this year, but returned to training after the holidays. Perhaps the athlete’s injury is affected by his preparation for the Wings of Strength Romania Muscle Fest Pro, when he closed the TOP-6 of the best athletes in the category up to 96 kg. wishes Alexander a happy birthday and wishes him a bright and successful competitive career!

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I really miss heavy squats! Best BB Exercise! So far, only the average weight. #lagdaytoday #lagday #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivetion #hardtrenig #bastworkout #ifbbpro # 212pro #procoach #alexS

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