Aesthetics Jeff Side has signed a sponsorship with Redcon1

The team brand Redcon1 star addition – it took a young athlete category Men’s Physique Jeff Pollock (Jeffrey Seid). The athlete is not known for its athletic achievements, the highest of which was 16-th place on the show Mr. Olympia 2016, and the number of subscribers in social networks – more than 3.7 million on Instagram and more than 1.1 million on YouTube. This popularity side very best manufacturer of sports nutrition Redcon1 and their collaboration promises to be fruitful, since Jeff hasn’t been 5 years sponsorship contract. In addition to his team there are such famous athletes as ray Williams (Ray Williams), Brian Shaw (Brian Shaw), Audible blessing (Blessing Awodibu), Luke Sandoe (Luke Sandoe) and Anthony Valent (Antoine Vaillant).

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