Acrobatics for beginners: exercises for adults

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Acrobatics for beginners: exercises for adults

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  • Acrobatics for adults: the importance and function of physical exertion
  • How to prepare for the acrobatics and stretching to improve muscle
  • Is it possible to do acrobatic exercises for adults?

Acrobatics is one of the most popular and spectacular sports. It perfectly develops endurance, flexibility and the ability to control your body. To engage in acrobatic exercises can absolutely everyone. Of course, the adult beginner athlete is unlikely to participate in professional tournaments, but thanks to the gymnastic training he will be able to acquire excellent physical shape. And although to learn the difficult exercises he will have longer than young disciples, the result is definitely worth it.

Acrobatics for adults: the importance and function of physical exertion

Tumbling is a special training complex, which consists of weights and cardio, and exercises to improve body flexibility and coordination. This exercise helps to achieve the following:

  • to tighten, make strong and hardy the entire muscular frame of the body;
  • to improve the shape of muscles, stretching and General physical capabilities of the body;
  • quickly get rid of problem areas and the excess fat deposits;
  • to relieve the symptoms of apathy and chronic fatigue;
  • to improve the condition of the nervous system, to remove the effects of stress.

Modern programs of training adapted to people of different age and physical shape: they eliminate the elements of acrobatics, designed only for professional athletes. Thus, the focus is on learning the basic exercises, extension of the acquired skills and early achievement of the best results.

Standard physical exercise acrobatic directions for adult beginners athletes usually consists of the following skills:

  • dozirovka with elements of staging limbs;
  • different varieties of hops;
  • basic and combined load;
  • static and dynamic acrobatics;
  • the elements of a complex dance acrobatics.

An adult who wants to learn acrobatics, it is especially important to choose a qualified trainer. He, in addition to special education, must have adequate experience with people of all ages and levels of athletic training. In addition, his physical capabilities should be sufficient to provide a quality safety net during the development of acrobatic stunts. Thus, a good coach is important and a prerequisite of the effectiveness and safety of upcoming trainings.

How to prepare for the acrobatics and stretching to improve muscle

The following exercises are able to study the body, to experience its capabilities and improve stretching. They will help to cope with the implementation of the bridge, wheels, splits, headstands and prepare for another, more complex acrobatic tricks.

The development of serious physical exertion to better deal with a qualified coach, but the preparatory classes can be held in an independent mode and home. They are as follows:

  • Warm-up neck — to make 10-15 movements forward-backward, left-right, and make slow clockwise rotation and Vice versa.
  • Work with the shoulders — perform 10-15 a circular motion forward, backward and to each side, to practice simultaneous and consecutive lifting and lowering of the shoulders (hands are at waist).
  • Hands — make a 30-second rotation of the hands “in the castle” in different directions, 1 minute to be in the emphasis on his fists.
  • The development of the bridge to perform a bridge from a lying position, the maximum straightening the legs and rotting shoulders, linger for 5 seconds at the peak, then take the starting position. Repeat 10 times or more.
  • Stretching to straight legs — sit on the Mat, legs close, reach hands to feet, bending down as low as possible. Knees do not bend, run 20 times.
  • The slope of the hull in a sitting position — to sit on a Mat, stretch your legs, grasp the foot with your hands and tilt your body as low as possible, trying to get a belly sex. To keep your knees straight, at the point delayed by 30 seconds.
  • Stretching to divorced feet — while retaining the previous position of the body, to reach for both feet alternately. Try to touch the belly of the knee, at the bottom lock to 30 seconds.
  • Classic twine is to stand with one foot on the knee, and a second limb to pull forward as far as possible to the feeling of extreme points. Lock to 15 seconds. Perform the exercise several times, then change leg.
  • The forward split is to put the foot as much as possible until it stops. To stretch your hands to the floor in front of him, the weight should fall on the pelvis. Stay in this position for about 1 minute, after a short rest repeat the exercise with bracing already in 2 minutes.
  • Is it possible to do acrobatic exercises for adults?

    Of course, acrobatics, like any other sport, it is easier to learn at a young age when the body is overwhelmed with energy and flexibility you quickly learn to take any position. But this only means that adults will need more time and effort to doing exercises. And if you increase the load gradually and closely monitor the correct execution of all movements, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

    It is important not to force things and not to try to perform the most difficult stunts. At the initial stage should focus on the available physical burden, which is better to learn under the supervision of an experienced trainer. It will tell you how to perform a particular movement and help to plan activities according to individual physical abilities.

    In order for the training passed the most productive and comfortable, you should prepare comfortable clothes. It should match the size of the body and not restrict your movements. It is better to choose gymnastic leotards or form-fitting pants and a t-shirt without buttons, zippers and patch pockets. Many say that it is very convenient to do in short shorts.

    Thus, the acrobatics are quite accessible to people of any age with different initial level of training. It is an excellent form of active exercise, by improving your body and inexhaustible source of energy and good mood. Most importantly in the classroom — is the desire, persistence, and great faith in your success!

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