8 reasons why you do not lose weight

If your weight loss fails, then it has a reason. Some reasons for failure are obvious, others can surprise you a lot. Why can't you lose weight? How to resume losing weight?

If losing weight stopped or did not even begin, then this unpleasant phenomenon has a reason. Some reasons for failure in losing weight will be obvious, others will surprise you greatly. These are eight reasons why you can not lose weight.

You do not have a training program

You can train to complete exhaustion, but training without a program will not bring results. Sports should not be exhausting and frequent, but regular and rational. The more detailed training plan – the more effective weight loss. If you can not make a program yourself, then join the appropriate group in the hall.

You are on a diet, but you do not train

Observing a diet without training will bring results only at the very beginning of weight loss, then the weight loss will stop. Exercises for weight loss tone up muscles and increase metabolism. The higher the metabolic rate, the faster you will lose weight.

In order to lose weight, you need to combine a diet with workouts.

You train, but you do not diet

Exercises without a diet will be good for your health, but they will not help you lose weight. A balanced diet will enhance the effectiveness of training, these are two tools that work only in the aggregate.

You consume too few calories.

Many believe that to lose weight you need to greatly reduce calorie intake, in fact, malnutrition is often the cause of stopping weight loss. Each organism has a minimal need for calories, if not to satisfy this need, then weight loss will not occur. The minimum need for calories is 1200 calories per day, such a quantity will be a fairly low girl with an average level of activity. The larger and more active a person is, the more calories he needs.


You get stuck on one thing

In weight loss should not be a routine, otherwise it will be doomed to failure. If you always eat the same foods, they will bore you, and you will break the diet. If you train on the same simulator with the same intensity, the body will get used to the loads and stop responding to them. In order for the body to lose weight, it must be constantly surprised.

You constantly complain

People who are used to complaining are very hard to lose weight. During training, everyone is faced with pain and discomfort, but if you constantly focus on them and complain, the motivation to lose weight will be lost.

You are too presumptuous

Some people are too arrogant to become better. They do not listen to advice and do not tolerate constructive criticism, as a result of which they are deprived of the opportunity to lose weight. Self-confidence is good, but it should not interfere with listening to the opinion of more experienced people.

You use excuses

The most popular excuses against losing weight are about time and money. If you plan your life schedule correctly, then an hour for sports will easily fit into it. Classes in gyms are now affordable, so the argument about expensive cost is an excuse for not wanting. Losing weight is working on oneself, there is no place for excuses in it.


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