7 mistakes that make most losing weight

You can and have found exercises and diet yourself using the magic of the Internet, but the rules of “safety” are rarely attributed to diets. It turns out that some people cut their calories, work out in the hall and cook only the right dishes, and the weight does not move at all. There are some non-obvious mistakes that sometimes losing weight people make. Now we will tell you about them, so that you abide by all the rules and not waste time in vain.

Cooking too complicated dishes

In weight loss, the rule "the simpler the better." It’s easier to monitor your diet and calories when we eat simple dishes: a vegetable salad with boiled chicken breast, buckwheat, oatmeal, steamed fish. Even if you make healthy pastas or, for example, risotto, it's hard to keep track of calories. During cooking, sauces are added, and something is fried in an additional amount of oil. Therefore, it is easier to eat simple and easy-to-cook food in order to know the calorie content exactly.

Don't follow calories

Sometimes visually it seems to us that the dish is smaller than it actually is, and a small snack does not affect the figure at all. It is worth starting to record all the main dishes and snacks in order to ensure that you do not eat something extra. Invisible snacks can add up to 500 calories a day to you.

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Do you like healthy pastries

This includes various PP cakes and pastries, which should not greatly harm the figure. In fact, proper and healthy pastries still contain a lot of calories. Even though it is made from coarse flour, it does not contain pure sugar and margarine. Often a slice of such a cake can contain up to 300 calories, which does not fit very well with the diet.

You think that you can lose weight in a specific part of the body

All these diets “for burning fat on the stomach”, “for thin hands” or “for big priests” do not work. This would be fine, but our body itself regulates the proportions of the figure, so losing weight in only one place will not work. During weight loss, volumes throughout the body decrease. In order to work out a certain area, you will need to connect physical activity.

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Skipping breakfast

“Have breakfast like a queen, have lunch like a princess, have dinner like a beggar” – not without reason there is such a saying. Breakfast is the most important part of the day not to be missed. It helps the body wake up, starts the work of internal organs, energizes and improves mood.

It is especially bad if you do not eat anything in the morning and in the afternoon, and in the evening you come home and eat at once the whole calorie norm that you had to eat in a day. This can lead to pain in the stomach and metabolic disorders. If you are one of those who cannot bring themselves to have breakfast at all in the morning, wait a couple of hours and eat it at that time.

Do not eat a few hours before the feast

It seems to some losing weight that before an evening feast it is better not to have breakfast or lunch, so as not to gain more calories than necessary. In fact, it is better to have breakfast with light oatmeal or fruit with yogurt, and for lunch eat a piece of boiled breast with vegetables. If you come to dinner hungry, there may be an unexpected breakdown during which you can gain more calories than if you had breakfast and lunch. At the beginning of the feast, try to drink more water in order to dull the false feeling of hunger, and even better, warn relatives / friends in advance that you need at least one healthy dish.

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Neglecting home care

Wraps, massages, dry brushes, salt scrubs and a contrast shower are excellent helpers in the struggle for a beautiful figure. Yes, they will not help you lose weight, but they will tighten your skin, improve blood circulation, remove cellulite and make your body visually fit and beautiful.


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